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Pet info update [5/18]

Posted: May 18th, 2012, 9:08 pm
by Imthedci
The new patch added some new pets to the journal, but also took some away. It also added the ability to sort the pet list by source and added flavor text for almost all of the pets.

Alpine Foxling Kit
Bandicoon Kit
Clouded Hedgehog
Crunchy Scorpion
Effervescent Glowfly
Grassland Hopper
Jumping Spider
Kutain Mongoose
Kutain Mongoose Pup
Marsh Fiddler
Maylayan Quillrat
Maylayan Quillrat Pup
Masked Tanuki Pup
Prairie Mouse
Rapana Whelk
Savory Beetle
Sifang Otter
Sifang Otter Pup
Szechuan Chicken
Tolai Hare
Tolai Hare Pup
Wasted Roach
Zooey Snake

PattyMack - Wild BattlePet Test
PattyMack 2.0 - Wild BattlePet Test
Otter Pup
Raccoon Kit
The Gurkster (You shall be missed. The tears of the lamentors shall be so numerous as to fill the ocean.) :cry:
Tiny Water Strider

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