Just a few questions...

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Just a few questions...

Post by Laraven » February 15th, 2013, 8:26 pm

Just a little bit about me first.

I just started battle pets. But I was a avid Pet/Mount collector before MoP. I have spent the last couple weeks collecting rares of all the wild pets. I am stuck on a couple. (Rare minfernal, and rare coral adder.) As a hunter, I love "hunting" or camping any kewl pet or mount. And I'm a bit sad to see my list coming to the end.

But for now, I have decided to start the actul pet battles, which I really don't enjoy much unless it gives me a pet somehow. I only have 6 pets lvl'd so far. And my main team is Spectral Tiger, Andonized Robo Cub, and Frosty. I sometimes switch out one or two, for another. With this team I have made it into Pandaria tamers. I am two tamers in so far.

Now for my first questions.

#1.) Do all tamers dalies give the bags?
#2.) And do all bags have a chance at pets?

I really don't want to do any more dailies then I have to.

IF, by chance I do feel like starting to level all my pets, What is the fastest way to do this? Dragonblight birds? or tamers? Or?

Thank you in Advance for helping my noob self. :D <3

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Re: Just a few questions...

Post by Tahsfenz » February 15th, 2013, 8:35 pm

The master tamer on each continent and all Pandaren tamers have a bag that can drop a porcupette.
The elemental spirit tamers can each drop their corosponding pets.
Darkmoon faire tamer an drop darkmoon eye.

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