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The Cataclysm Tamer video guide! <3

Posted: February 13th, 2013, 12:06 pm
by Lokth
Hey there fellow Pet Battlers!

Another week had passed an thus I now have the next guide in my Pet Battle series completed and uploaded!

I have split the guide up into two sections, one that focuses on the master tamers, while I use a separate video for the Grand Master. I feel this is a good way to divide up the series and allows me to focus more on the masters that people have issues with. I think I'll continue the series using this principal (ie -Pandaria split into 2 parts, one for the epic tamers and a lone videos for the Legionaries). Do you think this is the best course of action?

Once again I would love some feedback and have taken all feedback I have received into consideration and implemented a lot of it into these newer episodes.

anyway, enough rattling on, here are the new episodes (I feel part 1 is my best episode yet).

Pet Battles Cataclysm -
Pet Battles Cataclysm Grand Master -

And for those who missed the older episodes,

Pet Battles Darkmoon -
Pet Battles Northrend Pt.1 -
Pet Battles Northrend Pt.2 -

New episodes next week! Should have all current Tamers finished just in time for 5.2 :D

Re: The Cataclysm Tamer video guide! <3

Posted: February 15th, 2013, 11:50 pm
by Lokth
blatant bump!