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Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Zodus » February 14th, 2013, 11:32 am

Sprite Darter Hatchling is my alltime number one pet.
As dragonkin with magical attacks it is a great weapon agaings flying pets.
With arcane blast and moonfire it also has a good damage againt every pet.
The 309 haste gives you a good chance for the first hit and in combination with evanescence you are able to avoid 2 hits (first hit provided). Great for avoiding hard hits.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Deathbringer » February 14th, 2013, 12:22 pm

On the subject of winning a Mini Tyrael I decided upon a good trio including him, to win most battle pet fights!

Mini Tyrael
Celestial Dragon
Restless Shadeling

Mini Tyrael is very good to have as his ability Restoration heals for 25% of his HP every 3 rounds, providing excellent utility, however this can be improved further by the Celestial Dragon ability Starfall increasing the healing to 50%, combined with another one of the Celestial Dragon abilities Ancient Blessing the maximum health of all your team is increased with a minor regeneration, with these two combined Mini Tyrael can easily take on most of another enemies team by himself, and due to Mini Tyrael ability Surge of Light the occasional stun adds to the already high utility of this combination. To then add to the overall effectiveness of the team I decided upon the pet Restless Shadeling though it doesn't provide benefit to the other two, the Celestial Dragon ability Starfall will increase the self-healing done by the Restless Shadeling providing furthermore utility to your team and also shall improve the effectiveness of Death Coil. With these three pets combined in one team, killing all of these would be unbelievably difficult without a team built specifically to attack this combination.
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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Firager » February 14th, 2013, 12:32 pm

Ruby Sapling

A must in every resto druids collection. These little guys roam around the Ruins of Silvermoon in Eversong Woods and aren't very high level so nobody should have a problem grabbing one. In battle these little guys should pop Shell Shield and then Entangling Roots and then follow up with direct attacks of choice. Out of battle you should make sure to keep their leaves trimmed and check for any diseased branches. They may be one of the more demanding pets to take care of but as a resto druid you should already know how to keep these little guys healthy.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Ginwen » February 14th, 2013, 1:01 pm

irradiated-roach or fluxfire feline

This should have been obvious but it didn't occur to me because I hadn't made a new gnome in such a long time, if you are having trouble getting one of these pets (or upgrading quality), just make a new gnome (or ten) on low pop servers, you'll start out right where these two pets can spawn in gnomeregan (or you can do two very short quests and head-up top for even more chances) giving a much better chance to get or upgrade these somewhat difficult to find pets.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Silverthorn » February 14th, 2013, 1:04 pm

Have you given up hope of ever collecting the Rocket Chicken?

It may not be quick and it may not be cheap either, but this pet is periodically offered up on the Black Market Auction House. It might be worth keeping an eye on it. I highly recommend The Undermine Journal for this and all other WoW market research.
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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Noahj22 » February 14th, 2013, 1:12 pm

When farming the disgusting oozeling you should go to the swamp of sorrows that place spawns almost instantly and every mob there is level 55 to 58 get past that level and you can get the pet in about 30 minutes

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Raynarra » February 14th, 2013, 1:21 pm

Rapana Whelk

This is my go to pet for spirit battles and for Grand Master Aki coupled with Fluxfire Feline and I throw in a 20 something pet to level with. The battle may last awhile but if you make sure Aki's cricket is first you can use the Whelks Shell Shield you will not take any damage from the Swarm. You can use Absorb just in case the shield falls of to counter any possible damage add a few Dive and you have all three of your pets at full health to counter his two.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Rappinronforte » February 14th, 2013, 1:24 pm

Scourged Whelpling
Clockwork Gnome
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

I like to switch back and forth with these pets. They manage to keep each other up with Plagued Blood. I'll start with the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti to cast Call Lightning for the increased damage. Switch to Scourged Whelpling and cast Death and Decay, then cast Plagued Blood. Switch to Clockwork Gnome and cast Build Turret, then cast Blitz until Build Turret is back up. Recast Build Turret and switch back to Scourged Whelpling to keep Death and Decay and Plagued Blood up.

Rinse and repeat.

With every hit against your enemy you are regaining health as long as they are infected by Plagued Blood while hitting extra hard while Call Lightning is up. Mulitiple attacks per round and abilities that persist through pet swaps are amazing combos with this strategy. You're hitting your opponent and healing yourself even while swapped out of the front line.

This combo will give you a hard hitting team with survivability.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Animal » February 14th, 2013, 2:01 pm

Landro's Lil' XT Magical Crawdad and Fel Flame

I like to use this combo to defeat the Pet Trainer, Major Payne.

Landro's Lil' XT comes equipped with Heartbroken and with Repair, allowing the trainer to choose to have increased damage or to have a heal on standby.

Fel Flame the Conflagrate works hand in hand with Immolate to create a sizable chunk of damage done and damage over time.

Magical Crawdad is an outstanding Aquatic pet, as it allows for you to have 2 Aquatic abilities at the 1 and 3 keys as well as the choice of Renewing Mists or Shell Shield at the 2 key for a heal or a defensive position.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Deanht » February 14th, 2013, 2:14 pm

Trying to catch a Coral Adder?

Phasing got you down?

Here is my tip for catching this elusive snake:

Go to the Den of Sorrows in Jade Forest.
Go to the edge between Den of Sorrows and the Bamboo Wilds.
See many Coral Adder pets that are just out of reach and phase away if you walk a little forward.
Find the closest one between the zones.
Mount up on a flying mount. Note: Must be 90 with flying in MOP for this to work.
Fly up a little in the Den of Sorrows right on the border, angle down and...

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Click on your target before it phases, you have just a second or two before it does.

Batlle and capture that elusive little snake, the Coral Adder!

Don't forget to be ready with your Terrible Turnip with Weakening Blow so you don't accidentally kill the snake before you capture it! Hope for a rare or keep a Beast Battle Stone handy for an easy upgrade.

Good Luck!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Silverwolf » February 14th, 2013, 2:16 pm

I thought this might be helpful regarding Clock'em.

I am not really a dps person.... all of my characters are healers, and I only fumble through a dps build/rotation to quest when I need to. So needless to say, I had a hard time with the tiers of the brawler's guild needed to unlock clock'em. I know there are other people out there who are solely healers, so I thought I would share what helped me survive.

I was able to get through a few of the very first fights without changing anything. Then about part way through tier 2, when I got to the dps race battles, I failed miserably. So, I reforged my druid's gear to boomkin stats (since trees don't need as much haste as boomkin), re-read a few guides on boomkin rotation (icy-veins), found a "buff group" (if people on your battlegroup are nice enough, everyone in the room groups up to share buffs and food), and bought the battle potions from the vendor right inside the entrance to the guild. I buy 2 for each battle, this way you can pop a potion right when you get into the room, before your opponent attacks, and then once the cooldown wears off.

By doing all this, I was able to get to tier 4 without buying/farming gear I didn't normally carry on me.

P.S. I bought my brawlers guild invite from the BMAH during the holidays when less people were on. I was able to pick it up for around 1.5-2k gold. So if you have a day to spare to sit at the BMAH and keep an eye on it, you should be able to get it fairly cheap.

Good luck getting you're cute, feisty little Clock'em!!!!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Tzaphi » February 14th, 2013, 2:27 pm

Celestial Dragon Roar, for dmg bonus and then starfall and Arcane Storm is a steady and gently way to finish off wild pets, without killing -that rare one- you wanted to capture.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Raogrimm » February 14th, 2013, 3:24 pm

My tip is to get Mini-Tyrael, and what you need to do is post a reply in to Breanni here with a pet tip, plus maybe slide a few gold discretely to Breanni when no ones looking. :D

Okay now for a serious tip; Fluxfire Feline can do a 2600 damage attack versus a beast type pet by doing Wind-Up, Supercharge, Wind-Up. This great to use on the final pet for the Thundering Spirit Tamer's final pet as it will essentially one shot the final pet; at least until patch 5.2 when Supercharge will be nerfed from 150% to 125%.

oh nearly forgot...


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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Muse » February 14th, 2013, 3:27 pm

Lil' Tarecgosa is one of my most favorite pets in the game.

Unfortunately I have my characters on a lower populated server and trying to find a guild that had this adorable dragon seemed difficult at best. But what I came across was an awesome guild on Madoran (Horde side)

None other, than WarcraftPets. A guild of helpful, fun pet collectors; as well as the achievement to obtain this pet.

I have lately still seen posts on here with people looking to pay gold to join a guild for this rare achievement pet, well thats not needed. Simply make a horde character on Madoran, Type in /who WarcraftPets and ask for an invite.

(there is also a message board here on the forums dedicated to the guild- thats how I learned about it)

In only a few days you can get your dragon - the faction is fast and easy. Hopefully this will be helpful to those still trying to find a place to get this once elusive whelpling.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Argent » February 14th, 2013, 4:21 pm

Anubisath Idol

Managed to get one and want to level him in nothing flat? Put him as the FIRST to fight along with two level 24+ and head to Pandaria!

Enter a fight, and use Reflection as the first attack and then switch out to one of the higher level pets. I was able to get mine up to 21 in about 10 minutes!

And let's face it, watching him stomp over and PUNCH other battlepets is just plain funny.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Tazadar » February 14th, 2013, 4:54 pm

Ethereal Soul-trader
My ultimate vanity pet that i hopefully can get some day, i just love the looks of him. Have been wanting this guy since the first day he came. Have spendt quite a lot on TCG card packs in the hopes to get him, but no luck so far.

Have 2 tips for all of u. First one is, something they hopefully will fix in the next patch, when pets keep hanging up/bugging in pet battle(pve), when doing certain skills. If you hoover ur mouse pointer over the "Game Menu" button on the little mini menu panel u get on the right side(To the right of ur Surender flag) when doing pet battles it seems to get ur pet out of the bug right away(works for me at least).
Second tip is a youtube video on how to power lvl ur pets, from lvl1. I know there are many good tips on this, but i find this one very helpfull as its about 3sec flight from a Stable Master(Ress and heal ur pets for 10silver) and the pets u battle against spawn as soon as u have killed one of them. (Go to youtube and paste this: World of Warcraft: Fastest Powerleveling Method for Battlepets! , and click on the first vid u get up)
Hope its was helpfull and good luck to all of u in the search for pets and winning Tyrael :)
Btw - If anyone have a left over code for Mini Diablo or Lil' Deathwing ill gladly help you make use of it :lol:

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Kittybupbup » February 14th, 2013, 4:59 pm

Hi! I didn't read all 30 pages but I hope this isn't to much of a repeat! :D

Rapana Whelk

A lot of people have trouble against Thundering Pandaren Spirit, this little guy is ideal against it! As a Critter, it is immune to the stun from Crystal Prison, and its Dive move is the bane of Elementals everywhere!

Thanks, and good luck to everyone :)

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Phaedrus81 » February 14th, 2013, 5:32 pm

Ok, ok, I know there's a lot of info on finding your very own Minfernal but here is some info that I used to find mine. First set your self up with a death knight on a low pop rppvp server, I used The Venture Company, then camp your dk there and check every hour or so, but the thing that I found most helpful and surprising is to really run around and look for it when your checking, so many people I see just put them self in the crater holes but they can spawn any ware in the area, I found mine down by the lake and if I had just been in the middle of the crater holes he would not of even showed up on my mini-map. Makes me wounder how many I missed because I just logged on, didn't see anything and logged off. Hope that helps and good hunting!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Santiko » February 14th, 2013, 5:55 pm

Use your Corefire Imp as second pet after setting up either an Immolation or Death and Decay like ability (long duration) that damages from the backrow, follow that up with your Corefiend Imps own Immolation and a Wild Magic for lots of buffed ticks. Call Lightning and to a lesser degree Scorched Earth buffs this setup even more, theres just the risk of backfire from these abilities wich makes them more of a hazzle. The setup doesent work well against shielding pets, so a hard hitter as the third pet is adviced.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Rosebud » February 14th, 2013, 6:05 pm

Scourged Whelpling

I have found that this extremly annoying pet tends to be up and about in the early morning around 5:00am - 8:00am after camping for hours on end for weeks. I hope that this informantion helps many of you out that thats getting bored/stress about this little meanie. He is worth it! :D


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