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1,001 Pet Battle Tips

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Coolface330 » February 11th, 2013, 2:07 pm

Cornish Rex Cat

This is THE best leveling pet that I came across.

If you stone this bad boy, his attack power at level 25 is 341, only tied by Ravager Hatchling breed 4/14. (Highest Attack Power Pets with the Devour Ability. More attack power = More damaging Devour = More Healing)

You set the abilities Claw, Shriek, and Devour, head over to Valley of Four Winds and literally go to town on fighting Critters(Swapping Pets of Choice to Level).

You can literally go forever without ever using a bandage of visiting a stable master. With Shriek, you can also use as a weakening ability or even slowing. Say the pet you're fighting is at 600+ Health, too much for a devour finish. You Pop Shriek, then Devour.

Hope this helps. Enjoy.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Gm81 » February 11th, 2013, 2:30 pm

Landro's Lichling

Summon it near critters, they'll be frozen.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Camcam88 » February 11th, 2013, 2:48 pm

Eternal Strider

This pet is amazing to use against Nearly Headless Jacob which is a pet tamer you must complete for your achievement.
After changing pets around, I kept him and used these three spells: I started out with Pump. Use this same ability a second time; it does some great damage. After this drop Healing Wave OR Cleansing Rain. They both work fairly well for this but if you want to heal other pets other than your Eternal Strider, then Cleansing Rain is preferable. If the rest of your pets are at a great amount of health most of the time and can hold their own; I'd pick Healing Wave. Your last ability that you'll want is Water Jet. Sometimes the Pump has a chance to miss and on that off-chance, you'll want to use Water Jet.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Ven » February 11th, 2013, 2:53 pm

Crimson Geode - My favorite way to quickly level pets is to put your pet to be leveled in slot one, then put two crimson geodes in slots 2 and 3. Go to any Pandaria zone, preferably near a stable master so you can get quick heals (Vale of Eternal Blossoms; Halfhill; or The Incursion in Krasarang Wilds are all good choices). Let your lowbie pet go first, for only one move, and then swap out for a crimson geode. Each opponent can be 1-shotted with Crystal Overload followed by Stone Rush. This makes leveling fly by!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Rokom » February 11th, 2013, 3:08 pm

The Disgusting Oozeling, as well as most of the other pets in the ooze/slime family, can be quite powerful. Using Acidic Goo and Corrosion causes more damage to be done to your opponent's pet, and when combined with Absorb you can both deal a good amount of damage and heal simultaneously.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Ravnhawk » February 11th, 2013, 3:18 pm

I am finding it fun and easy to level pets. My main team is Fluxfire Feline named Speedy. An Infinite Whelping, and for some trainer battles Either Rapana Whelk, Fel Flame, Dancing Water Skimmer, or Luyu Moth. A few others I'll swap in for fun but when I need to rush thru the dailies to one shot them these are the ones I use. One thing to remember is to switch out your abilities. I can't tell you how many times I've had to leave the battle to do just that. When using a level 1 pet on the trainers I get 10.5 levels using my Safari hat.

If I am using a level 1 pet then just put them in for 1 round. Many of the pet trainers do a move that does not damage one the first round so you can easily swap them out.

Dancing Water Strider and the Flayer Youngling are simply fun, same with the Stunted Yeti, they are just so dang cute. Happy Pet battling!
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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Zellie » February 11th, 2013, 3:23 pm

A fun tactic I found:

If you use Reflection (e.g. Anubisath Idol or Flayer Youngling) on an opponent when they have Build Turret active on the field, your pet will build it's own Turret! If your opponent also has a pet with Reflection then you can end up with three turrets on your side of the battlefield at once, without even owning a Build Turret pet yourself! :D

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Bearfist » February 11th, 2013, 3:26 pm

The mainstay of my pet battling team is my Lil' XT :twisted:

His two slot 1 abilities are hard hitting. His first available heal is nice coupled with being mechanical so he comes back to life once. Many a battle has been saved by hitting repair, dying and coming back, and healing almost to full. And I always be droppin that bomb to tootle over and explode enemies.

Being the playful guy that he is, if someone around you drops a rain set, he'll go mess it up so you don't have to listen to it either :P He's lovely paired with Mimiron's head. Or would be, if I had it :cry: He's also one of the few pets modeled after bosses that retain the boss' quotes/actions.

Are you ready to play?

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Dazzles » February 11th, 2013, 3:31 pm

If you are looking for a quick way to level pets in the lower 20s, head to Howling Fjord, the starting Alliance town has an abundance of turkeys and a stable master! Sorry Hordies!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Rimbombante » February 11th, 2013, 3:39 pm

Flayer Youngling
This is my favourite pet for leveling. In Veiled Stair (where only critters spawn) he can easily beat the three pets of the battle really fast with his "beast" type skills. I get around 900 exp with the difficulty bonus. Awesome!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Crushlife » February 11th, 2013, 3:51 pm

A tip for people looking to level fast!
Pets with the attack,impalemost noteable Harbinger of Flamehere's a tip -- after using the ability if the initial damage brings the enemy below 25% it will still successfully kill the pet. This can be used to level quickly, but people looking to capture beware of this!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Rakeling » February 11th, 2013, 4:07 pm

Cenarion Hatchling

i use this daily against pandaren trainers' aquatic pets. as a flyer with a decent speed, it almost always goes first. when its heath dips low enough to lose the flyer speed bonus, you can use rush to maintain initiative. lift-off gives it great strategic avoidance, and high damage against aquatics.

using peck, rush, lift-off:
vs wastewalker shu's crab (crusher)
vs flowing pandaran spirit's fish (marley) and water elemental
vs seeker zusshi's water strider (skimmer)
vs aki's otter (whiskers)

strategy: use peck until "bad stuff" is about to happen (e.g. last round of whirlpool, 2nd round of pump or dive), then use liftoff to avoid the the damage, and smack them on the head next turn. if you ever get low enough on health to lose initiative, use rush to make sure you can get your liftoff going first when you need it.

if you prefer a more offensive play style, using reckless strike instead of liftoff gives you the WHUMP you need to get through pesky turtle shields & heals before falling asleep (useful for hyuna & moruk)

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Soltarnal » February 11th, 2013, 4:49 pm

Still kinda new to the whole thing, highest pets at this posting is 19, Disgusting Oozeling & Panderan Monk, with a level 18 Celestial Dragon. As I got into the expansion a little late, I was behind everyone else. I had a lot of pets, so I leveled most of the rares ones to level 4 in Org while waiting on ques. It gave me a chance to see a lotta pets in action, albeit rather limited. I found Disgusting Oozeling to be the best grinder out there with Corrosion --> Absorb at level 10. He could take out most anything a coupla levels higher. When he couldn't, Celestial Dragon would step in and heal with Ancient Blessing followed by Panderan Monk and his powerful 1/2 punch:Focus Chi --> Fury of 1,000 Fists. Those three gave just about all I could ask for a leveling/capturing team.

Soltarnal, Undead Mage
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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Hyskamir » February 11th, 2013, 4:59 pm

I use the fastest build of the Alpine Hare against the beast in the Pandaren Earth Spirit daily battle. Yes, at first glance the critter against the beast appears to be a bad choice. But, with Dodge and Burrow timed correctly, you take absolutely no damage. Attack, attack, dodge, attack, attack, burrow, etc. I've gone in to that last match up with 16 health left and still came out victorious!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Nipper » February 11th, 2013, 5:25 pm

Fluxfire Feline

Enjoy its OP combo before 5.2. Cast Wind-up, Supercharge, Wind-up. 1 shots all but the most sturdy of pets or elemental pets. Fluxfire Feline prefers the highest speed you can get on its base stats. Why? This combo provides all the power you need, going with a speed build insures that you kill a pet before it has a chance to cast an ability that would make you miss. ie, Burrow

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Iceflow » February 11th, 2013, 6:04 pm

Baby Ape - When acquiring this pet, it needs to be raining on Jaguero Isle for this pet to spawn. The weather is independent of the weather in Southern Stranglethorn Vale and it's a good idea, if you are hovering and waiting, to hover a little lower as you might not be able to tell when it happens.

To make it easier to acquire (and if you have the time!) you can park several of your toons on different servers and cycle through them every now and then to see if it's raining. It seems to rain from 7 to 10 minutes at a time and when it stops raining all the Baby Apes despawn.

I did this and got a common, uncommon, and rare Baby Ape with very little trouble. Just beware when it starts raining! It seems like every other player in WoW comes swooping down from the sky! Good luck and have fun!

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Baldulf » February 11th, 2013, 6:17 pm

One of my favorites while leveling was the Disgusting Oozeling. I haven't used him as much at max level for fighting Pandaria tamers. While fighting all the pre-Pandaria tamer pets, though, I would just DoT them up with Creeping Ooze and Acidic Goo, and then spam Absorb until they died.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Sarai69 » February 11th, 2013, 6:27 pm

Baby Ape and Dark whelpling are my favorite battle leveling pets
the baby ape becaurse he so cute and stil can do a lot of damage

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Alexa » February 11th, 2013, 6:38 pm

When you use a companion with Shell Shield (such as Scooter or Jade Tentacle) against a pet with Flock, Stampede, or Swarm, the shield will block the damage entirely.

Lil' Ragnaros is my favorite pet to use against mechanicals. If the first blast of Conflagrate kills the enemy, the second tick finishes off the revived pet in the same round.

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Re: CONTEST: Pet Tips for Mini Tyrael!

Postby Fhina » February 11th, 2013, 6:49 pm

Fluxfire Feline Tip

The Fluxfire Feline is an adorable, level 1-2 mechanical pet located in Dun Murogh. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to locate one, especially if you're Horde(thanks to the Alliance guards in the spawn area).

The easiest way to get a FluxFire Feline is to create a new gnome character on a low population PvP server. FluxFire Felines can often be found in the underground Gnome starting area (so no PvP worries) and low population PvP servers are less likely to offer competition for this pet. If you don't find one right away, log in and check periodically, and you will eventually find one - without having to travel repeatedly to Dun Murogh.


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