5.2 PTR: Massive changes inbound for fan favorites

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Re: 5.2 PTR: Massive changes inbound for fan favorites

Post by Rimsala » March 5th, 2013, 10:10 pm

Stabya wrote:The Fluxfire is great if he is helping you roflstomp trainers, but it's impact has been horrendous on PVP, scaring away interest in PVP, and giving a "steriod like" false sense of accomplishment to those who use one on their pvp team, and then crow about it when they win alot.

I have probably overstated my position on how underwhelming the rewards and achievements are for PVP, leaving only the aesthetics of a "Challenge" to chew on for those who keep doing it.

I say Pet PVP begins today with 5.2 - It remains to be seen how often a battle stone will drop, but the playing field is now as level as it has ever been before. Hopefully we will see more people come play.

As for the effect on PVE, it probably is minor, because there will still be a tandem for every trainer out there to continue to powerlevel lowbies, FFF and Reflection nerfs aside.

See, i don't know why the darn developers can't just put a hold on the PVP fights and make Fluxfire's unusable as a PVP pet.
Much like Pokemon on line fights there are certain Pokemon who just can't be taken into fights via Wi-fi and there is an error message given to the player "I'm sorry but Victini cannot battle" for example.
How tough is it for Blizzard to implement that instead of nerfing the DAILY fights.
Fluxy was my go to for a fast KO against the Pet Tamers, NOT to be an annoying OP fighter on PVP.

Besides, with Fluxy out of the picture, guess whaT? YOU STILL HAVE ALL THE PETS WHO USE WINDUP ANYWAY.
Mechapeep, Enchanted Broom.
THOSE still decimate Undead and Mechas and they don't get to use their come back to life ability >.>
General Payne in the Arse showed me his windup is still screwed up. AND he didn't lose the buff after he used it. >.>
Good job Blizz.

Also, Fluxy was antestically pleasing. >.>
Mechapeep is this gross bird thing that resembles those creepy seseme street characters that are just terrifying.

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