Sporeling Sprout; how best to use?

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Sporeling Sprout; how best to use?

Post by Tizerbob » January 27th, 2013, 8:22 pm

I've been trying to find a humanoid pet that I really like, and I have a bunch where I'm like "wow I like him for ____", but I haven't found one that my brain automatically says "this is my go to pet for this type"; like when I think beast I go to my crystal spider for web -> stun -> spiderlings.
So I've been messing around with the Sporeling Sprout, used a stone on him for rare, got him to 25, but im not sure which abilities to stick with (he's H/P, btw).

Slot 1: Jab v.s. Charge - with 260 speed it'll beat out a lot of the slow/tanky pets and do more damage, or Charge for less damage and mess up speed types that depend on abilities like Alpha Strike / Prowl for the bonus damage.

Slot 2: Leech Seed v.s. Creeping Fungus - Quick, elemental DoT/Heal or stronger DoT, no heal, but lasts longer so you can regen from the back row.

Slot 3: Spore Shrooms v.s. Crouch - One of the nice "shroom" skills that still lands on the playing field even if the opponent is burrowed, etc. and you can drop to the back row and the DoT will heal you, but both parts can miss i.e. the planting and the explosion of the seed. Or, surefire 50% damage reduction with about a 50% uptime against faster pets, more against slower.

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Re: Sporeling Sprout; how best to use?

Post by Cinnamara » January 27th, 2013, 10:37 pm

For the longest time the sporeling sprout was my only humanoid of sufficient level. I used him daily against the Outland Battle Master.

First round he drops the Shroom, no self respecting druid ever leaves home without shrooms.
Second round he hits the dragonling with the leech seed. Surprisingly potent on keeping him healed.
Third round the super fast Jab. Never hurts to go first and wipe them out before they can hit you.

and then it's just jab jab jab, seeds and shrooms on cool-down. He did great against the dragonling.

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