Can anyone make me this guide of basestats and breeds

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Can anyone make me this guide of basestats and breeds

Post by Lisanette » January 24th, 2013, 2:44 am

I wonder if anyone could make a guide of how the basestats differs. My english is sadly to horrible for me to write exatly what I mean, and I have to use simple and many words, since I dont know the precise ones. I have made a huge google-doc though, and these two pictures for my own sake. Could be great if others got to use it too.

The philosophy is something like: all pets have a some basestats, that the breed-bonus is applied to. Since the base differs, you cannot be sure that the pure breeds have the highest stats in any given ability group/set. Most neutral seems to be 1400/260 260 (Only using Rare setups btw. We all end there in the end - dont we? ;) ). Breed B/B (or 3 or 13) will then become 1481/276/276. These numbers are also basestats, but since all are +0.5 (of something I dont know what is *facepalm*) they need to be balanced, so other base might be: 1400/244/276, then health is still 1400, but power -0.5: 244 and speed +0.5: 276. This can go on and on.

Example: Sapphire Cub has -2/0/+2: 1075/260/325 before S/S breed bonus is aplied. Giving end result: 1075/260/390. Lowest health and highest speed in the game so far.

Example: 1562/292/195: thats +1/+1/-2 before breed P/B of an Onyxian Whelpling. Ends at: 1627/322/208.

I took all the data from WCP and putted it here: Google-doc. Page one is static with basestats, breeds and abilitysets. Page 3 has more info (Like: what is that pets highest possible stat in health, power or speed.) But I keep scambling the rows EVERY SINGLE TIME, I am online and collect pets. Thats gonna irritate people. Making this spreadsheet I found that at least 5 pets have a "+0.5" too much. First it was only the Cinder Kitten. (Thought some inturn had done a poor job making it :-) ) Then I noticed the four pets with the most health differed from the normal too. Pebble, Emerald Turtle, Shimmershell Snail and Scooter the Snail. Since I had looked at the H/H breed, and could see the power and speed stats direktly, I first found the health wrongly by adding basestats-differs. Had a look later on; saw they differet from the 517 rest. (Only doublechecked with the other snails and Grinder though.)

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