Pet Battling for Bags

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Pet Battling for Bags

Post by Lighthearted » January 6th, 2013, 9:21 am

I looked everywhere for something like this.
I'm posting it here so others can find it more easily than I did.
[Copied from Wowhead -Thanks ElsaFC!]

Daily Grand Master Pet Tamers

Stone Cold Trixxy - Winterspring (66,65) - level 19 pets - flying, dragonkin, beast

Eastern Kingdoms:
Lydia Accoste - Deadwind Pass (40,77) - level 19 pets - undead, undead, elemental

Bloodknight Antari - Shadowmoon Valley (31,42) - level 24 pets - dragonkin, magic, elemental

Major Payne - Icecrown (77,20) - level 25 pets - beast, mechanical, elemental

Obalis - Uldum (57,42) - level 25 pets - beast, flying, critter

Courageous Yon - Kun Lai Summit (36,74) - level 25 pets - flying, critter, beast
Seeker Zusshi - Townlong Steppes (36,52) - level 25 pets - elemental, critter, aquatic
Wastewalker Shu - Dread Wastes (55,38) - level 25 pets - aquatic, beast, elemental
Mo'ruk - Krasarang Wilds (62,45) - level 25 pets - flying, aquatic, beast
Hyuna of the Shrines - Jade Forest (48,54) - level 25 pets - aquatic, beast, flying
Aki the Chosen - Vale of Eternal Blossoms (68,41) - level 25 pets - critter, dragonkin, aquatic
Farmer Nishi - Valley of the Four Winds (46,44) - level 25 pets - beast, elemental, elemental

Spirit Tamers:
Thundering Pandaren Spirit - Kun-Lai Summit (65,94) - level 25 pets - beast, critter, elemental
Whispering Pandaren Spirit - Jade Forest (28,35) - level 25 pets - dragonkin, critter, elemental
Burning Pandaren Spirit - Townlong Steppes (57,42) - level 25 pets - dragonkin, flying, elemental
Flowing Pandaren Spirit - Dread Wastes (61,87) - level 25 pets - aquatic, critter, elemental

Darkmoon Faire Tamer:
Jeremy Feasel - across from tonk challenge - level 25 pets - magic, mechanical, beast
(Patch 5.1.0)

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Re: Pet Battling for Bags

Post by Quintessence » January 6th, 2013, 12:01 pm

You can find a list of all the Tamers plus the Grand Masters [url=]here[/url]. Most of it was compiled by Imthedci, many thanks!

Each Grand Master is listed towards the bottom of each respective continent section.
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Re: Pet Battling for Bags

Post by Knotrandall » January 6th, 2013, 1:46 pm

I used to use lists like this but then I started using this addon. It marks your map with all the trainers that have dailies that you haven't completed yet that day. Additionally, if you mouse over the icon on the map it shows what types of pets they have so you can set up your team.

*edit* Ok, so I guess I'm too new to post links. Just go to wowinterface and search for "battle pet daily tamer".

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