Help me with my "Trio".

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Help me with my "Trio".

Post by Oneshotmacro » December 31st, 2012, 4:19 pm

I currently have
-Phoenix Hatchling lvl 14
-Harbinger Of Flame lvl 11
-Ghostly Skull lvl 10

Usually what happens is when I start the pet battle I open w/ my skull due to the fact that between the Undead passive and Ghostly bite I usually get there first battle pet or make them switch. This results in the death of my skull though, then I bring in Harbinger of the Flame in unless of course they bring in mechanical. Then the Phoenix hatchling comes in for "clean up" thats why he(she) is higer level. Any reccomondations on who to switch out and for what?

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Re: Help me with my "Trio".

Post by Zaelo » December 31st, 2012, 6:00 pm

I think you should start by focusing on leveling your pets. To do that, it'll be easier with other pets than these.

Try a mechanical to fight beasts, a beast to fight critters, and a flyer to fight aquatics, or something in those lines. Should make leveling a bit easier. Once you have a 25, leveling the other pets will be much easier.

Plenty of threads around talking about good specific leveling pets. Good luck!

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