How to get into pet battling?

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How to get into pet battling?

Post by Guest » June 6th, 2021, 1:09 am

I've been doing some pet battles the last couple of days and got some pets to leve 10. I enjoy pet battling, but I'm honestly not sure if I'm being efficient. I'm trying to go from zone to zone in Azeroth and beating the pet trainers. It's pretty slow and I think I'll need to start leveling other pet families as well from scratch (in order to beat later trainers). Is there any way I can get my first pet team to level 25 quickly? I know about the pet charm stuff in Dalaran, but they changed the cost of the leveling stones to a different kind of charm. Every bit of advice surrounding pet battling is welcome here. :D
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Re: How to get into pet battling?

Post by Gráinne » June 6th, 2021, 2:21 am

I just helped someone else in exactly your situation start with a few pets around level 10 and get to complete the Celestial Tournalemt within two weeks.

Here is the discussion thread ... ent/278323

And here are the guides ... -25/278562 ... -25/279043 ... ris/279486

I still need to write two more to complete the set. Urngfh.

Ask anything else you want to know.

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