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Unload pet from slot

Posted: January 31st, 2021, 5:32 pm
by Sissy280
Is there anyway to unload a pet from a battle slot? I'm looking to make just a 2 pet team. I've tried doing this in Rematch and Petbattle Teams (with the fix so it can work in Shadowlands), but it's just not doing what I want it to do (unload the pet in #3 slot or ignore it completely). I've googled and scoured forums and I can't find a current workaround for it. TIA.

Re: Unload pet from slot

Posted: February 1st, 2021, 4:28 am
by Aerozia
right now if you put one of the covenant pets in a battle slot it will not show up to fight in a pet battle. so there you go.