My Stratholme Teams

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My Stratholme Teams

Post by Domie » June 26th, 2019, 12:44 pm

Just wanted to share the teams i used to get through the new pet dungeon.
This is far from optimized, but thought it might be helpful to some.
Rabbits and Black claw + swarm pets can probably get you through all the fights.
All my Zandalari Raptors had Hunting Party - Black Claw - Leap
All the Rabbits were Flurry - Dodge but the 3rd depend on fight. Burrow on normal fights, Stampeded vs Elites

2 Rabbits 301+ speed
Dodge first, spam flurry, Burrow on undead turns

Sludge Belcher:
Stampede Flurry when stampede is over. Does damage to backline, so dont have pets you might use later

Crypt Fiend:
Red Cricket 1/2/1 - Ranishu Runt
The Cricket does most of the work, the runt could have been any half decent with a humanoid attack.

Wandering Phantasm:
Ranishu Runt - s/s Rabbit 2/2/1
I start with the humanoid that is leftover from last fight.
The Phantasm is going to use Doom then Haunt, its very fast so you likely will go second. So i used Viscious Slice then Focus on the turn where i wouldnt get to hit any pet, and then just Sliced down the dragon and the runt died.
The rabbit takes the rest of the fight easy.

Anklerender p/p
Kills it solo

Plague Critters:
Xu-Fu 2/1/2 - Rabbits
This fight have a lot more than 3 pets, so you want something that can keep itself alive well.
I soloed this with Xu-Fu, used bite till the first pet dies, use prowl on undead turn and then feed on the first critter that comes in, bringing Xu-Fu to full. After that i just used bite and feed on CD without prowl.
The Rabbits shouldnt be needed, but 1 rabbit can deal with a lot of pets on its own. You want burrow instead of stampede.

Risen Guard:
Same party
This fight is easy, 3 undead pets so a few rabbits or any critter pets should be able to take care of this.
I just used the party from above without any issues.

Nefarious Terry:
Ikky - Critter
Isnt very dangerous, just Black Claw - Flock and something that can finish it off if ikky dies.

Kneebiter p/p

Kneebiter - Any Swarm
Used a Kneebiter here, but could be anything with black claw that is faster than the other pet. It only gets to attack once and then it gets swapped out. Next pet just swarms it to death.

p/s Kneebiter Critter 254+ speed
My Kneebiter took down the first half on its own, might be able to with other breed aswell. After that i just used some rabbits again, should be fine with most critters, just need more thant 254 speed.

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