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Team comps.

Posted: December 21st, 2012, 11:42 am
by Notamonk
What are you guys running? And what do you guys think of my current team setup?

I was running a team that consisted of:

Lucky Quillen Cub (level 10), Winter Veil Helper (level 8), and Phoenix Hatchling (level 10).

Basically what I did was essentially "burst" by using the Winter Veil helper's Ice Tomb in conjunction with Lucky Quillen Cub's Burrow ability and once I can get my Phoenix hatchling to a high enough level I will be able to add Conflagrate into the mix which will be putting out some serious damage.

The only team I seem to be having issues with is Dragonkin.. Lil'Tarecgosa (or how ever you spell it) and Onyxian Whelp are like the biggest pains in my posterior.

Oh yea; started the [Raiding with Leashes] Achievement and got all of the pets from Molten Core in one go! :D