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Must have duplicates with different breeds?

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Must have duplicates with different breeds?

Postby Nearlysober » November 16th, 2018, 5:29 pm

My initial goal in Battle Pets was just to collect all the unique pets I could. So when I started my collection, duplicates weren't really important to me and paying attention to breed didn't matter too much.

Lately I've been trying more battle pet PvP, and doing more of the battle family achievements, etc. and I've really found out how important breed can be to some strats.

So I got a duplicate of Bronze Whelpling because I needed S/S for the optimal Squirt carry, and I needed P/P for some other battle strat.

And that got me thinking... what other pets are really valuable to have multiple breeds of?
Like, I've got a P/P Iron Starlette but I've seen some guides recommend P/S so that's one I should probably pick up :)

My first priority is collecting a lot of pets so I don't want to waste too many slots with necessary dupes.

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Re: Must have duplicates with different breeds?

Postby Gráinne » November 17th, 2018, 5:34 pm

I went over some of the most popular, and I'm not sure there are many that you really MUST have in multiple breeds.

I've kept multiples since the early days, before bandages were more abundant than leaves on the trees, so I could do the rounds in Pandaria and the CT easily, and I naturally have taken advantage of keeping multiple breeds of the same pet, and when I go down the list, I keep thinking: well, I need that breed, and that one is nice to have.

For example, in the case of both Qiraji Guardling and Nether Faerie Dragon, I keep three breeds, but rarely use anything but S/S.

I keep three Iron Starlettes, and favour H/H in general, but P/P and P/S will usually do the same job.

There are times when I want an S/S Zandalari Anklerender, and times when I want a P/P, but you can cheese that, since some other raptors are identical for battling, so you could get an S/S of one, and a P/P of the other.

Frostfur Rat and Ore Eater are also both S/S and P/P dualists.

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