Good pets to have at max?

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Good pets to have at max?

Post by Tawia » August 11th, 2018, 7:59 am

What pets do you feel like are the ones most crucial to have at 25? For diversity among pet battle trainers and such.


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Re: Good pets to have at max?

Post by Tekulve2018 » August 11th, 2018, 9:57 am

Of course this depends on your goals.
The Celestial tourny on the Timeless Isle requires a stable of 50 to 75 level 25s-depending on rng and your willingness to be patient. You earn 4 nice pets (over a number of weeks) for that instance grind.

XuFu's site has a 'legion tracker' to test for your readiness for that content.

Having the pets to do the Pandaria circuit of tamers is useful for upgrade stones.
If Bfa allows polished charms via a shoulder enchant, that is less necessary.
For leveling pets, I suggest having a Widget and an s/s Bronze whelpling..there is a 2 pet strategy that you can use during
Squirt day in Draenor garrison. You can level a pet from 1 to 24 in 3 battles (5min).
That will level 12 pets per hour compared to 3 pets in a pandaria hour circuit..

People might suggest other Squirt comps but this one is so fast and easy.
If you are doing pet pvp, you could have success with as few as 5 to 10 total pets but 20 to 30 max level pets would offer quick counter teams.

Despite all these factors, here are 10 pets generically used:
Anub.Idol, Unborn Valk.Ikky, Zandalari raptor (s/s kneebiter, power Ankle), Emerald Proto whelp (power) MPDragonling
DMZepp,Clockwork gnome, Teroclaw (though less useful after nerf)

happly pet battling

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Re: Good pets to have at max?

Post by Gráinne » August 11th, 2018, 10:25 am

This thread has suggestions and opinions.

I've actually been working on a suggested list for a new battler. It's NOT finished, but here are the current priority sections as I have them at the moment

Priority 1
[pet]Anubisath Idol[/pet]
[pet]Clockwork Gnome[/pet]
[pet]Darkmoon Zeppelin[/pet]
[pet]Emerald Proto-Whelp[/pet] P/P
[pet]Emperor Crab[/pet] P/P
[pet]Iron Starlette[/pet] H/H, P/P, P/S
[pet]Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling[/pet]
[pet]Nexus Whelpling[/pet] P/P
[pet]Rabbit[/pet] / [pet]Spring Rabbit[/pet] / any 357-speed rabbit S/S
[pet]Unborn Val'kyr[/pet]
[pet]Zandalari Anklerender[/pet] / Kneebiter / Footslasher P/P, S/S, P/B

Priority 2
[pet]Darkmoon Tonk[/pet]
[pet]Fel Flame[/pet] H/H, H/S
[pet]Feline Familiar[/pet]
[pet]Gilnean Raven[/pet]/[pet]Crow[/pet]
[pet]Hyjal Wisp[/pet]
[pet]Infected Squirrel[/pet] H/P
[pet]Kun-Lai Runt[/pet] P/P, P/B
[pet]Leopard Tree Frog[/pet] S/S
[pet]Mechanical Axebeak[/pet] P/P, H/P
[pet]Mudshell Conch[/pet] / [pet]Shimmershell Snail[/pet] H/P
[pet]Nether Faerie Dragon[/pet] S/S
[pet]Scourged Whelpling[/pet] H/H
[pet]Stitched Pup[/pet]
[pet]Teroclaw Hatchling[/pet]
[pet]Yellow Moth[/pet] P/P

Substititutions are missing, and I haven't nearly finished testing, but it's a pretty solid list of early pets to aim for.

P.S. I know you can do the Celestial Tournament with fewer than 75-100 pets. Here's an old guide to doing it with 18, though you need to accept that there will be retries: ... th-18-pets

That was a brilliant exercise in paring it down to the minimum, back in a time before all the modern conveniences made it so easy to level pets. I'm still pretty confident that 30-50 is the number to aim for to be able to do everything in the game except Family achievements.

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Re: Good pets to have at max?

Post by Uduwudu » August 13th, 2018, 3:51 pm

Tekulve2018 wrote: ...
People might suggest other Squirt comps but this one is so fast and easy.
Still using the Worg pup fight, and have no issues with it, but will look up that one. I just got done taking over 75 pets past 10. All the rares on my 2nd account (now listing 170/250 or so)are 10 or better.

This 2nd account was a way for me to see how fast I can bring up pets, compared to before, when I ended up dropping over 150 pets because they simply were not worthy and their breeds were not up to snuff. You can see the current listing on Uduwudu, though it is not "perfect" and I am not sure I want to go through the Celestial fights, or the 2 Instances at all ... specially with no pet worth getting at the end of the instances.
Tekulve2018 wrote: ...
Anub.Idol, Teroclaw (though less useful after nerf)
These are my 2 starters for most pet battles when leveling pets. Some folks don't like to take away the pets in Valsharah or High Mountain, but the critters in there are GOLDEN for leveling ... I use one of those, choices above, a bomber (manafiend, or the like), and then a pet at 20 .... and use that pet for one hit (sometimes more if they are a plus against a critter!), and that gives them XP ... and that XP is very good, and fantastic during the pet battle bonus.

Teroclaw is specially nice against the wabbits, the cacaroaches, and other critters, since you use RAVAGE ... to really do some nice damage, and setup the XP pet ... and I have used pets as low as about 15 in these areas, but you have to be very careful and watchful of their health and maybe even anticipate the next spell coming, so you can take the pet out of there before it dies on you. Still 10% of the time a Critical Hit takes them down ... oh well ...

Draenor, the Broken Isles and Argus are very good for this third pet you would be leveling.

AND, Grainne's list is excellent. In the end, this is a battle of wits so you can get the Breed you want, btw ... the battles themselves, are not too difficult once you know what you are looking for.

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