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Average stats ?

Posted: March 30th, 2018, 8:58 am
by Ovak
I'm kind of new to pet battling. I just learned about breeds actually which has brought my attention to the stats. Power, Speed, and Health.

What are the average ranges in general for these stats ? Just curious so that I know when I catch something new and I see a high power stat I'll know. Is it just higher end of average or is this thing like a power house and will feel like you just got hit by Thor's hammer when it hits.

Same for health and speed please if anyone could help a rookie out

Re: Average stats ?

Posted: March 30th, 2018, 10:39 am
by Rosqo
Each pet can have multiple breeds determining power, health and speed. You can get addons that will show these for you I believe it’s battle pet id or battle pet stats that shows them. Best thing I’d suggest is to go and grab a handful of pet battle addons as they add soo much more to the basic UI.

Re: Average stats ?

Posted: March 30th, 2018, 10:47 am
by Gráinne
For a Blue 25:

Average Health is 1400

Average Power is 260

Average Speed is 260

Of course, stats will be less below 25 or below Blue quality.

These follow from the calculations here: if you pop in the average Base Stats of 8,8,8 for each Species.

When choosing a breed for a species, we prefer the stat that most helps the moveset we're using. For example, the typical [pet]Rabbit[/pet] is slotted with Flurry, Dodge and Burrow, all of which rely on being faster than the opposition, so Rabbits have a Need for Speed.

So these averages are a bit misleading. What you might be asking is: what are good stats for a pet that relies primarily on Health, or on Power, or on Speed?

For Health-oriented pets, look for 1700 and up.

For Power-oriented pets, look for 305 and up.

For Speed-oriented pets ... it gets kind of complicated, between PvE and PvP. Most PvE tamers have Epic or Legendary pets with boosted stats, you you won't outspeed them, so your speed is mostly of little use, unless you're running 357-speed Rabbits or Flyers. For PvP, where you are facing other Blues, I'd say that Speed begins at 289, and goes as high as you can count!

P.S. Rosqo is right. Get Battle Pet Breed ID addon to show you the breed of a pet:

Also, this survey may give you a sense of what breeds most people choose for their pets.

In some cases, like [pet]Nightshade Sproutling[/pet] or [pet]Fiendish Imp[/pet] there is a string consensus on a best breed. In other cases, less so. Just please understand, when it comes to wild pets, that many pets are duplicates of each other, as far as battles go, and once you have one 357-speed Rabbit or Alpine Hare or Arctic Hare or Spring Rabbit, you may not care about the breeds of other similar rabbits, so such pets aren't necessarily alwats accurate guides.

Re: Average stats ?

Posted: March 30th, 2018, 7:51 pm
by Lordy
All pets have the same number of base points to allocate to strength, speed and health and these points are used to calculate their stats at each level. On top of these they allocate bonus points determined by their breed.

Like Grainne mentioned a completely even allocation of these starting points will give stats at level 25 of 260 Power, 260 Speed and 1400 Health. and then on top of this the pet breed will increase these as follows.

A pure breed S/S P/P or H/H will add 325 to Heath or 65 to Speed or Power. For example an average pet with a P/P Breed will have the following Stats at lvl 25. 1400H 325 Power and 260 Speed

A pet with one half of the breed S,P or H will add 146 to Health or 29 to Speed or Power at level 25. As you can see a split breed pet wont get quite the same number of stats as a pure breed. For example an average pet with a P/S Breed will have 1400 Health and 289 Speed and 289 Power.

A pet with one Half of the breed B will add 65 to Health, 13 to Speed and 13 to Power to two of their stats, with the remaining stat determined by the other half of the Breed code. For example an S/B breed will give an average pet 1465 Health, 273 Power and 289 Speed.

A pet with a B/B breed will add 81 Health and 16 to each of power and speed. This will give an average pet stats of 1481 Health, 276 Speed and 276 Power, This breed provides the lowest possible total number of statistic points.

There are of course a lot of pets who don't have average starting stats. They can have higher Speed, Power or Health at the expense of one or both of the others. An Example of this would be the Jademist Dancer. This pet comes in an S/S breed but its base stats sacrifice a little speed and health for extra power giving the following stats at Lvl 25. 1359 Health, 276 Power and 317 Speed. These pets with off-average starting stats are always worth looking at twice as often this can give them quite an edge in pet battles. In the example of the Jademist 317 speed is still faster than most other non pure speed pets but the additional power can be very useful indeed.

Re: Average stats ?

Posted: March 30th, 2018, 8:40 pm
by Lordy
For PvP usually the most important stats are Speed and Power, and in that order. There is no benefit however in being too much faster than the opposing pet as you will be wasting points that could otherwise have be used to increase health and power. You want to go first but if you sacrifice too much to do so then going first may not be enough of an advantage if you die too quickly or just cant push enough damage through their defences.

For this reason I rate speed as the following

259- are Slow pets which will really need to take advantage of their health and power, or be a flying type to have any chance in PvP. You will usually never go first.

260 Is your typical slow pet speed.

273 and 276 are just enough speed to sometimes go first and will outpace most pets that don't have an S/? Breed in PvP. Its often not worth giving up power or health for this level of speed but can be considered especially if your pet has some ability that benefits from going first (Like Cobber or Dodge).

289 is your typical mid-speed pet

290 to 309 are useful speeds that will typically go first against non pure speed breeds. As they often still have decent Power and Health stats.

325 is your typical fast pet

326+ These are the very fast pets. They will need decent move sets to take advantage of their speed but can make some of the most effective PvP pets in the game. The higher the speed the better their move sets will need to be to counter the subsequent losses in health and power.

Re: Average stats ?

Posted: April 9th, 2018, 2:25 pm
by Uduwudu

It also depends on the need and fight, which sometimes makes things tougher.

For example, the SQUIRT fight uses a Fjord Worg Pup and there are a couple of them. One does more damage than the other, but he takes more damage. Guess what, you can't get it done with the one that takes more damage, so you have to take the one that handles the damage better, so you can have your chance to pump the Howl for your next pet.

In general, I take mostly the fast ones and the power ones, but some fights, you have to make the call ... you need a burst of damage to help take that pet down, so the most you can get out of it, is all good. The difficulty for me here is that the pets that heal (the hoof ones from Val'sharah/Teroclaw and some of the trees, for example), don't always have the ability setup to stay even with the damage, like the Teroclaw does, which is the one pet that is good on this. Too many of the others, the heals are way less than necessary to help make the fight stronger, and of course, the Whelps that sleep, look like they are dead and you get frustrated all of a sudden come up with 1200 points, and you go .... huh? what? .... and smile!

Again, so many of the fights have information on the net these days, but you have to be careful with the strategies that you are reading about, since they usually specify a pet with some particular moves for a reason. And if you do not have that pet, then your fight might not work altogether at all.

The problem arises when you start your collection, and I was at almost 500 pets when I found a listing and discussion (I think it was here on the Celestial Tournament), where the specific types of pets were needed, and of all 34 pets that you should have for the fights (have to recheck now!!!), I only had about 10 of them with the suggested type, and I set about collecting them, to the point where nowadays, I rarely keep pets with bad stats ... here is an example since you can see these without the PetID thing ... you see a XY with 273/289 and then you see a XZ with a 289/289 ... and that should be a no-brainer ... why would you want a pet that does less damage in this situation ... so you keep that bad one (don't level it!) until you find another one. This was the case with all of the possums and mice and tanuki's and the like in a couple of zones, which were totally horrible for finding a pet that was worth while keeping ... and of course, a blue that you bag, is the awful one! DUMP!

If you check .... can't remember that site ... pet'r' something or other listing, which you can export the information to a spreadsheet and work on/with a lot better, I used it until all my pets were leveled and blue, and to remove duplicates and make sure that I had the type I needed for most situations, although if you ask me which moth to use on this or that fight ... I don't know ... I probably try 3 different ones and hope for the best?

I just wanna fight them murlocs more ... I get mad at that murloc making fun of my favorite frog that dances and sings the Philadelphia Rag ... !!!! (Chuck Jones cartoon//WB)