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New PvP teams with the new pets?

Posted: October 31st, 2017, 1:40 pm
by Mkl122788
I was wondering if anyone has looked into any new PvP teams. Particularly, RWL 5 pets.

Particularly, with Twilight Clutch-Sister's ridiculously easy to execute Twilight Meteorite + Safe Switch with Prismatic Barrier.

I could see her being incorporated pretty effectively into an AoE based team, but what would you pair her with?

Between infernal pyreclaw, tinytron, twilight clutch-sister, and rattlejaw, there are more interesting AoE heavy toys to play with than ever before.


Re: New PvP teams with the new pets?

Posted: October 31st, 2017, 2:50 pm
by Mkl122788
Biscuit wrote:I, for one, will never play with Barrier or Build Dam abilities. Matches can easily turn into staring contests of players hitting the pass button one after the other.

But yes, there are some very good AOE teams out right now thanks to those pets mentioned above. My advice is to leave Clutch-Sister as a sweeper - especially if you’re faster than your opponent. Using her at the end almost gauruntees your Dragon racial activating.
Yeah, I was thinking she could be a ridiculously good cleaner as a third member in a CloneDance team.

Re: New PvP teams with the new pets?

Posted: October 31st, 2017, 5:20 pm
by Rosqo
There’s some good pets from the recent patch.

Tinytron - probably best on a conflag team

Pyraclaw- generally a pet i’d start with pretty much a guaranteed win if it gets two great stings off. Good to combo with a nexus whelpling or clutch sister to hopefully proc the racial due to enemy team health being cleaved down.

Clutch sister- sweeper pet Just proc racial and hit with meteorite for win.

Rattlejaw- bit of a let down probably best on a Haunt and consume corpse team.

Others you didn’t mention that are worth trying.

Blazehound- trap is op and forced swap is a neat mechanics. S/b breed for haunt and swap & p/p for dazzling dance teams.

Rebellious imp - basically immolation up then portal to the backline. Viable on sunlight or black claw/wild magic/shattered defence teams.

Fel afflicted skyfin- try and get the dot up on as many of the opponents pets as possible. Use swap to avoid bad match ups or cds after applying dot.

Pygmy marsuul- use crouch then survival for extra rounds of damage.

Dibbler- combo with call lighting

Ghost shark- combo with haunt pet for consume corpse.

Hope that helps i’ll leave the actual team compositions to you as it’s better to come up with your own team ideas.

Re: New PvP teams with the new pets?

Posted: October 31st, 2017, 11:11 pm
by Sile9
Twilight Clutch-Sister has already become a staple scumbag in my meta joining the ranks of Magma Ragelings and Bone Serpents. I most commonly see it paired with Wicked Soul for the AoE heal, free swap, and high DoT damage to proc the Dragonkin racial, occasionally Discarded Experiment for the heal and coverage with Slime to decimate Humanoids and Flash Freeze to put fast pets at the sister's mercy, and the rare Murkalot. However, I find a direhorn to offer the best coverage.

Trihorn Charge and Primal Cry will neutralize speed pets that aren't Flying allowing for a safe wind up of colossal AoE. Critters and Humanoids that threaten the dragon will get smashed by the beast, Flying and Mechs that threaten the beast will get smashed by the dragon.

Phase Shift is superior in most circumstances as it will complement the Meteorite combo. On top of providing safe build up the Twilight Fire DoT tick can proc the racial on the turn of evasion cast.