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Pet Battle Bonus Event - Alternative locations?

Posted: October 13th, 2017, 3:06 pm
by Threecrows
So this week is another Pet Battle Bonus Event, and since I'm pretty tapped out on my main with Legion and not much going on, I decided to do some pet grinding. Especially in preparation for Monday's Super Squirt day coming up (I like to get all my Lvl 1 Pets up to over Lvl 10 in advance).

However, everyone's favorite grinding spot: Mistfall Village (in Vale of Eternal Blossoms) is AS USUAL packed with other players virtually every hour of the day.

I know it is what it is. There really isn't any other place like it:

- No hostile mobs (if you stay close to the village).
- Almost all chumpy aquatic pets that flyers just obliterate.
- A guaranteed lead-off pet that has 2 out 3 moves that do no damage.
- A daily Pet Master (Aki the Chosen) that's easy to beat with a leveling pet in front.
- A stable master right next to the Inn, and a mailbox too (for sending account bound stuff from your Main)

Anyway, I'll probably just continue to fight the crowds. It's not a huge deal.

*BUT*... isn't there any other location in the open world in Legion that's almost as nice? I'm talking just simple rote/mindless/repetitive grinding here, not running a circuit like the World Boss pets and/or Master Tamers.

An suggestions would be welcome :)

Re: Pet Battle Bonus Event - Alternative locations?

Posted: October 13th, 2017, 4:34 pm
by Peanutty
Frostfire Ridge, plenty of packs of Icespawn Hatchlings with guaranteed endless respawns. If you're horde with a garrison that's a mailbox and possible stable master right there.

Re: Pet Battle Bonus Event - Alternative locations?

Posted: October 13th, 2017, 4:54 pm
by GrĂ¡inne
Yup, I'm with Peanutty here. Mistfall is great for level 1s. Also when it's quiet. But you lose too much time waiting for respawns when it's crowded.

Frostfire Ridge is big and spacious, and I'm always able to find instant respawns. It's better to have levelled your carries to 6 or 7 before using FFR, so they can take a hit on the occasions they get one, but I find even at 1 the chance is worth taking for the instant respawns.

Copying Vakeetah from
- Rotten Little Helper: Club, Booby-Trapped Presents, Greench's Gift
- Feline Familiar: Onyx Bite, Stoneskin, Devour
- (carry pet)

The Rotten Little Helper goes first: sets the Booby-Trapped Presents, then 1-shots the Icespine with Greench's Gift (finish with Club if it survives). As next pet comes in, the gifts blow up, and -unless it's a rare pet- a single Club kills it too. Swap carry pet, then swap the Feline Familiar. Since it has a heavy Magic ability, it can deal with the Wasps easily, or lower a Roach or Rat health low enough to Devour and keep going. The Familiar is mostly there to relieve the Helper of some pain, as he can't do much damage beyond his initial burst and his Humanoid passive isn't enough to outheal the damage of a full battle.

What can go wrong? If you start facing lots of high quality pets, or with Health breeds, they'll be able to endure the Helper's combo and -particularly if they have Body Slam- put a considerable dent on him and eventually kill him before Revive is back up.

Another thing that can go wrong is, obviously, that these switches to carry pet aren't "safe" and most enemies will be able to kill them if they're very low level (in particular, Wasps with Predatory Strike, and Rats with Poison Fang) so be careful.
I used this strat extensively for my 2K battles for the Garrison back in WoD, and I can confirm you can keep going pretty much all day with not many bandages needed.

Edit: Hm. Rereading, you are specifically looking for level 1s.

A decent alternative is the Moonlit Shore in Shadowmoon Valley in Draenor. Aquatics. Start with a Turkey. Food Coma. Swap in your level 1. Swap it out and carry on. Not as efficient, but not bad.

Re: Pet Battle Bonus Event - Alternative locations?

Posted: October 14th, 2017, 12:23 am
by Peanutty
With lvl 1 pets I find it safest to start off with either Decoy (or a similar ability), and then swap in the carry pet, or Food Coma and swap in. Only issue with Food Coma is it doesn't work on critters but if you're doing the Icespine Hatchling grind the opening pet will always be a beast so that is a non issue.

Re: Pet Battle Bonus Event - Alternative locations?

Posted: October 14th, 2017, 8:30 am
by Threecrows
I'm familiar with Frostfire Ridge. I did some grinding there back during WoD. My main toon is Horde (with a Level 3 Menagerie), so that's easy. Even easier since you have a stone to hearth/port there instantly.

I do hate wasting the character xp on my main, who's already at max level though. The sweetest thing about Mistfall is getting a friend to help a lower level toon get there and actually reaping the benefit of the character XP, since nothing there is "phased".

I've also had some decent luck around Nordrassil (in Mount Hyjal), abusing the moths with a pair of Nexus whelplings doing the heavy lifting. You've got the Inn, Stable Master, a flight path, and "Brok" to fight if you feel like it.

I guess I was looking specifically for something in Broken Isles. Kind of like the pet battling equivalents of the fantastic fishing spots in legion... Hidden Pools (Val'Sharah) where you do the Wisp in the Willows WQ, or the temple next to Irongrove Retreat (Suramar).

I'd just like to stay in the current expansion territory, if possible.

Re: Pet Battle Bonus Event - Alternative locations?

Posted: October 15th, 2017, 1:54 am
by Peanutty
For Broken Isles I would say the safest area with a decent density of pets would probably be Val'Sharah, there's packs of Gleamhoof Fawns along the road between Lorlathil and Garden of the Moon. I did do some pet battle grinding with alts in that area when I got tired of questing, though it's not nearly as convenient as the previously mentioned locations in lower level zones.

Re: Pet Battle Bonus Event - Alternative locations?

Posted: October 16th, 2017, 1:56 pm
by Kurasu
My personal favorite areas:

- Frostfire Ridge (for level 89+; otherwise the enemies around will be problematic; low level Horde can stick close to the garrison and be fairly safe but Alliance don't have that buffer)
- Shadowmoon Valley, the moonlit shore (best for Alliance since Hordewill be attacked by the NPCs, but there are no enemies there at all; you can grind from level 1 to level 110 if you so desire there.... I tested it)
- Valley Of The Four Winds. The ridge above Halfhill; no aggressives up there, and the place is loaded with critters so it's an easy grind
- If you are level 110, see if you can get into a cleared Emerald Nightmare for constantly respawning whelps in an enemy-free zone (although it'll take a lot of running around)
- Many of the epic pets in Pandaria have battle pets standing around them, and are in fairly safe areas. In particular, I would recommend No-No (otters), Lucky Yi (crickets), Gorespine (porcupines), and Nitun (raccoons). Kafi has a fair number of the little goats around him, but also nearby aggressive mobs, so he's not *as* safe as others, and there are nowhere near as many.

Re: Pet Battle Bonus Event - Alternative locations?

Posted: October 17th, 2017, 10:46 am
by Ziboo
I've used the shore area below Temple of Karabor (NW side) in Draenor's Shadowmoon Valley. I've only ran into a couple of people there over time leveling pets.

Lots of aquatic (Ghostcrabs?) as the 'main' battle pet, so perfect for my Turkey's to food coma for the leveling pets. Backups are flyers, critter or beast, so easy too. I have four leveling groups (three turkeys/one zep) so the heal is ready by the time it's needed and the crabs respawn quickly.

Only downside it's a bit of a hike for Horde. Although taking the portal in your garrison to Ashran, then the flight to Shadowmoon Valley much quicker.

Re: Pet Battle Bonus Event - Alternative locations?

Posted: October 17th, 2017, 11:22 am
by Annalu
I've actually found Frostfire Ridge perfect for low level alliance toons. The location of the horde garrison is all snowy hills and pets to battle. No buildings, no NPCs, no mobs. You can even do a bit of fishing in pools in their fishing cave if you get bored with pet battles. As long as you keep to the garrison parameter there is 0 risk for low level toons. Even the nearby or flying overhead rylaks don't get aggroed.

The only inconvenience is that the low level toons need to be carried there. There is no flight path, no mailbox, no inn, so the toon needs to be well supplied with bandages and pet treats before going 'camping'.