Gloamwing Aquatics Strat (33.3% chance)

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Gloamwing Aquatics Strat (33.3% chance)

Post by Q8e192 » September 21st, 2017, 10:50 am

Gloamwing Aquatics Strat (one RNG checkpoint (33.3% chance) - not including crits)
Benax (Water Jet, Mudslide, Bubble)
Gulp Froglet (Water Jet, Swarm of Flies (or Mudslide), Corpse Explosion) - 1627 Health Bread
Ghost Shark (Consume, Ghostly Bite, Dive)

Benax - Pass
Gulp Froglet - Mudslide
Gulp Froglet - Corpse Explosion (33.3% chance of success - restart if fails)
Benax - Bubble
Benax - Swarm of Flies
Benax - Water Jet
Benax - Water Jet
Benax - Pass
Ghost Shark - Dive
Ghost Shark - Ghostly Bite

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