Zandalari Kneebiter

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Zandalari Kneebiter

Post by Sinluv » August 30th, 2017, 12:33 pm

honestly I don't feel like this pet gets enough love......he should def be in the top 20 best pets.....if not for that pet or 2 ....ot even a team of 3 LOL.....theres not much other than maybe a flying pet that I haven't been able to beat....for that matter the boss pets on Argus, the ones that start out with Teanan Cannon ( I think that first words right ) it one shots your pet every time no matter what....Dust Bunny or anything else with an instant Dodge ( yes I know Anubisath Idol has one ) or anything with an instant dodge then switch to the Zandalari Kneebiter - Black Claw to Hunting Party.....very powerful pets that IMO hasn't received the love it deserves .....I usually only use that pet for Beast of Fable you can one pet almost all of those battles and ive done the same with most the boss pets on I said that's just my of feelings on the amount of attention it doesn't get...not trying to start an argument or something like that....idk I just wanted to get some thoughts out my head and was on here so figured ive leave some of those thoughts here....I also would like to hear how other people feel about the amount of love this pets got over the years....ok back to farming Raiding With Leashes V

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