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EU pet battle tournaments

Posted: December 16th, 2012, 5:07 am
by Hildegard
Hello everyone,
the ones of you playing PvP may know me as Hildegard, content editor for ArenaJunkies. Currently I work on World of Warcraft arena tournaments and I had the idea to expand that to pet battles. The main problem with any pet battle tournament is the lack of a spectator mode, which means in order to show the matches - one of the players has to stream or record the game.

There is a lot of hope that Blizzard will start to work on a spectator mode that would allow to see what Real ID friends are doing. Until then I think the best way to do any kind of tournaments is to play duels against players that can stream/record. As tournaments only work with prices I think the pets from the store, either as gift for the winner or as gift for someone he chooses would be appropriate. I would be willing to make the start with the prices but in the long run this project should at least be on zero sum. My idea to make the money to finance prices would be to show adds on stream and monetize youTube videos.

Rules (just early thoughts):
  • Best of five matches, means the first to win three rounds wins the duel
  • One minute before the match start everyone announces their pets
  • The pets may not be changed after the announcement, but the abilities can be changed
What I am looking for is people interested to do the duels as well as players that would record or stream the matches and/or commentate them for videos. If you are interested you can write me here or on Facebook or Twitter (can't link the accounts, yet).

Feedback and critique is highly appreciated.

Re: EU pet battle tournaments

Posted: December 16th, 2012, 12:45 pm
by Hildegard
Really good answer. Will read through it again as soon as I have more time and answer/comment.