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EU pet battle tournaments

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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EU pet battle tournaments

Postby Hildegard » December 16th, 2012, 5:07 am

Hello everyone,
the ones of you playing PvP may know me as Hildegard, content editor for ArenaJunkies. Currently I work on World of Warcraft arena tournaments and I had the idea to expand that to pet battles. The main problem with any pet battle tournament is the lack of a spectator mode, which means in order to show the matches - one of the players has to stream or record the game.

There is a lot of hope that Blizzard will start to work on a spectator mode that would allow to see what Real ID friends are doing. Until then I think the best way to do any kind of tournaments is to play duels against players that can stream/record. As tournaments only work with prices I think the pets from the store, either as gift for the winner or as gift for someone he chooses would be appropriate. I would be willing to make the start with the prices but in the long run this project should at least be on zero sum. My idea to make the money to finance prices would be to show adds on stream and monetize youTube videos.

Rules (just early thoughts):

  • Best of five matches, means the first to win three rounds wins the duel
  • One minute before the match start everyone announces their pets
  • The pets may not be changed after the announcement, but the abilities can be changed

What I am looking for is people interested to do the duels as well as players that would record or stream the matches and/or commentate them for videos. If you are interested you can write me here or on Facebook or Twitter (can't link the accounts, yet).

Feedback and critique is highly appreciated.

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Re: EU pet battle tournaments

Postby Pacer » December 16th, 2012, 10:53 am

Ive been wanting to make a tournament for a long time so I completely support this idea.

I dont know how great an idea it is to have best of five matches for the entire tournament, when I do random matches one match can take 10 mins and you do best of five where two very defensive teams play eachother it could take over an hour. Because of that I think it would be better to do best of three until you get to a certian point (finals, semi finals, maybe even quater finals). Obviously it also depends on the size of the tournament but when you say EU tournament I asume its going to be pretty big and because of that I dont think best of five is the best thing to do all the way though the tournament.

You would also need match time limits, in the official pokemon rules the timelimit is set to 15 mins for a match but you can of couse change that as you wish. However I think it is important that a time limit is pretty low (anything more than 20min is crazy) mainly because super defensive teams will benefit too much from a high time limit.

"One minute before the match start everyone announces their pets" I'm not quite sure I understand this but my thoughts on the subject about teams is that each player picks 3 pets that he will use for the entire tournament. When I say 3 pets I mean 3 pets with a specific breed, no changing from a flayer youngling breed 5 to a flayer youngling breed 4 because you have a different opponent. Depending on what you prefer you could of couse change 3 to 4, 5 or 6 battle pets but it is important that only 1 breed per pet and only 1 of each pet is chosen for the team. Having no cap on the amount of pets that can be used during the tournament would be horrible for the people who dont have 50+ lvl 25 battle pets.

Another thing I think is important for such a tournament is that no pets have offensive names (blizzard has this one fixed to some extend) and that no pets have the same names to avoid player confusion(shamelessly stolen from the pokemon rules).

When it comes to addons I would personally allow all addons to be used mainly because something like this is very hard to enforce. Yes playing without "pokemon trainer: the pet battle mod" is much harder but it would be mandatory for both parties to stream/record if you dont want them to use this mod.

For prizes I would use TGC pets rather than blizzard store pets mainly because they are more rare even if its just a 10 dollar pet. The first prize could for instance be a 70 dollar bananas charm or if that is too much you could have say three 10 dollar pets for the first prize while second and third gets fewer and fewer pets. Additionally I am almost certian you could get to sponsor you, maybe not for the first tournament but for the following ones after you have proven that wow pet battles has a lot of people interested.

Last but not least you may want to look into the exclusion of certian battle pets. I cant really think of any super overpowered ones that cant be countered but to make it fair I think you need to atleast exclude all TGC pets. Blizzard pet store pets are sort of okay because everyone can buy them for a resonable price if they wish while the TGC pets require you to go onto non official sites or buying a shit load of cards.

  • Best of three matches until a certian point, after that best of five.
  • Match time limit (I suggest 15mins).
  • X number of UNIQUE pets per player (I suggest 3 just to make it simple at the start), this means they cant change between breeds and cant use two of the same pet in a team.
  • No offensive names.
  • Only unique names (no two pets can have the same name).
  • Allow the use of all addons.
  • TGC pets as prizes rather than blizzard store pets.
  • Exclusion of TGC pets.

For reasoning see the long answers above.

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Re: EU pet battle tournaments

Postby Hildegard » December 16th, 2012, 12:45 pm

Really good answer. Will read through it again as soon as I have more time and answer/comment.

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