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Search for counter

Post by Tratatemium » April 28th, 2017, 4:35 am

Hello! This is the team I'm facing a lot on my realm:
[url=]Ghastly Kid[/url], h/h, Hoof, Consume Magic, Haunt
[url=]Fiendish Imp[/url], s/s, Burn, Immolation, Nether Gate
[url=]Teroclaw Hatchling[/url], h/p, Claw, Dodge, Nature's Ward

My counter team is:
[url=]Emperor Crab[/url], p/p, Surge, Healing Wave, Shell Shield
[url=]Wicked Soul[/url], s/s, Shadow Shock, Haunting Song, Haunt
[url=]Crusher[/url], p/s, Acid Touch, Shell Armor, Body Slam

Emperror Crab can ignore Haunt, good vs Teroclaw and can block Immolation ticks with Shell Shield. Wicked Soul can haunt Imp or Teroclaw if Imp will gate the crab out. Crusher is very strong vs Teroclaw: he has an aquatic DoT plus when TC uses Dodge, he can go Shell Armor followed by Body Slam and not waste a turn.
Still, I'm thinking Wicked Soul is not the best option here, baecause it's countered so hard by Ghastly Kid. Shimmering Aquafly maybe?

What are your ideas about counter team?

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Re: Search for counter

Post by Drudatz » April 29th, 2017, 8:25 am

use an anubis idol with sandstorm instead of the crusher?

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Re: Search for counter

Post by Vakeetah » April 30th, 2017, 7:32 am

While not a counter per say, I find it fun to use cleansing abilities against [ability]Haunt[/ability] teams.

In particular, the [pet]Fiendish Imp[/pet] has baited many Haunts - most people expect it to run [ability]Burn[/ability]/[ability]Immolation[/ability]/[ability]Nether Gate[/ability]; but you can actually go [ability]Sear Magic[/ability]/[ability]Flamethrower[/ability]/[ability]Nether Gate[/ability].

Not as durable (due to lower of backline healing by mission on [ability]Immolation[/ability]) but it does get most [pet]Wicked Soul[/pet]s and [pet]Ghastly Kid[/pet]s by surprise, resulting in an instant kill :)
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