[WIP] WoD / MoP video. Requesting feedback.

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[WIP] WoD / MoP video. Requesting feedback.

Post by Painbow » December 9th, 2016, 2:51 pm

I use all sorts of tricks when doing my daily pet battles such as addons and portals to make doing the WoD/MoP tamers (including the three beasts of fable dailies) much quicker, but I've reached a limit and I think they're some of my teams.
Ideally, I'd like to be able to get all WoD and MoP battles done within the 1 hour pet treat buff duration. I'm very close but not quite there yet, and if I can hit it, I think that's when I'll make a full video with commentary.

Whispering Pandaren Spirit, despite hours of research looking for a new team, is by far my worst. So please use my video for suggestions or even to possibly learn from my battles! I know that even veteran battlers in 2016 use slow teams and could use an efficiency boost!


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Re: [WIP] WoD / MoP video. Requesting feedback.

Post by Gráinne » December 9th, 2016, 11:12 pm

For future readers:

- The Whispering battle is right at the end, at about 1:10:00
- Currently using Chrominius, P/P Nexus Whelpling and a carry pet
- There is no narration after the intro, so muting sound is fine, but since you now know the current team, you don't need to watch the battle anyway to know which strat to improve on for Whispering

Painbow, I know that Aranesh's focus is on providing teams for people still climbing the pet ladder rather than assuming that everyone has a Lantern/BFB/Minfernal or Murk/P/PBFB to throw Explode or Armageddon strats at things. We who have large rosters can find our own teams. :)

I rarely do the circuit any more, since I have nothing to level, but I'll take a look next time I'm out that way.

P.S. Hmmm...
Sepsis wrote:Whispering Pandaren Spirit ( 12-15 rounds)
Fragment of Anger
Crusher P/P

vs Dusty
- Start with Carry pet and pass > Swap to Fragment
- Spirit Spikes > Spiritfire Beam > Spiritfire Bolt
- with luck the spikes can kill Dusty, or at least get him low
vs Whispertail
- Spiritfire Beam on CD, Spirit Spikes (if not on undead round) > Spiritfire Bolt
- You should be able to get Whispertail down at least 50% before dying
- Bring in Crusher > Body Slam > Acid Touch (if needed)
vs Pandaren Air Spirit
- Shell Armor > Body Slam > Acid Touch > Body Slam
*If possible use a carry pet that can eat the Moth Dust, otherwise start with the Fragment and wait till Cocoon Strike to use Spirit Spikes, bring in carry after you die.
This of course adds time and RNG to the fight.
But that was written before the nerf to Spiritfire Beam, so maybe not now.

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Re: [WIP] WoD / MoP video. Requesting feedback.

Post by Paladance » December 10th, 2016, 12:25 am

I've always used double Nex* brute-force :oops: with no problems, just don't surge onto the cocoon.

Or Nex + EPW, standard [ability]Emerald Bite[/ability] + defensives.

*now Nex + Stormborne, if you don't like duplicates

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Re: [WIP] WoD / MoP video. Requesting feedback.

Post by Gráinne » December 10th, 2016, 11:25 am

So I just popped over there and used 2 P/P Nexus Whelplings, as Paladance suggests. It was all over in 11 rounds, and one minute 21 seconds.

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Re: [WIP] WoD / MoP video. Requesting feedback.

Post by Jerebear » December 10th, 2016, 12:34 pm

Haven't watched all of it yet. Some small optimizations so far:

P/P Infinite Whelp (must be P/P). 11 rounds for a single carry pet, 13 for 2

Tail Sweepx3 (faerie dragon dies)
Swap to carry
Swap to Inf Whelp
Early Advantage (hits the talbuk as it swaps in)
Tail sweep to kill the talbuk
Tail Sweep x4 to kill doodle (you can also swap in 2nd carry here if you want).

For the cricket use
R1 Hunting Party
R2 Hunting Party
R3 Leap

Saves you a round

Flowing Water Spirit
Change out the fish for a high health exploder (I use blackfuse bombling)
When the water spirit comes out:
Adrenaline rush
Peck (or another adrenaline rush if you crit too much and might kill the spirit) -- your bird dies here to the geyser/whirlpool

Saves some rounds.

Farmer Nishi
Swap the strider for a P/S or faster Jademist Dancer
Lead off with Steam Vent
Acid rain to change the weather
Rain Dance
1-2 Steam Vents

Steam Vent the Turnip before it goes down
Swap to Carry
Swap back to Jademist
Rain Dance
1-2 Steam Vents to kill turnip

Steam Vent grub, swap to Ion Cannon user
Ion Cannon if in range, otherwise some other mech ability + Ion Cannon to finish

This fight isn't always faster, but is very often faster due to the high crit rate of Steam Vents. Otherwise, it is on par with what you use. Edit: I use a P/S jademist dancer, so the number of hits mentioned above comes from using that breed.

Edit: Also, how much do you want the "fastest"? There are some faster ones that I use but they might require some more rare pets. I only use them for myself as most people seem to get offended by strats that use rarer or store bought pets. They aren't required to beat the tamers, but I just use them for speed purposes.
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