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Snowfeather team rumble + Mana tap

Posted: November 5th, 2016, 11:05 am
by Arkindal
Is it even possible to do the mana tap WQ while doing the quest "snowfeather team rumble"?

Links to the quests: ... eam-rumble

Basically the point is to do three WQ with a snowfeather hatchling + 2 undead pets. One of the WQ available today was mana tap, which had three mana elemental thingies that spam arcane explosion like their life depends on it, and well, it does actually.

I can't really find undead pets that have the ability to reduce the damage done by abilities, I suppose this quest is trivial and boring with, say, anubisath idol using sandstorm, but can anyone help me figure out a combo with undead pets?

I don't even care about doing it right away, I can wait and finish it when easier teams are available, but I'm curious and wanna find a team just for the sake of it.