Pet of the Month - Fiendish Imp

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Pet of the Month - Fiendish Imp

Post by Liopleurodon » October 28th, 2016, 5:46 pm

Be sure to check out this month's [url=]feature on the Fiendish Imp[/url]!

How Do You Use Your Fiendish Imp?
The [pet]Fiendish Imp[/pet] saw a Renaissance back when force swapping was the big thing in PVP. Players would use [ability]Nether Gate[/ability] to gain tons of control over the fight, and the Imp’s high base speed made its S/S breed one of the fastest draws at this strat. Now, force swapping is far less popular, but it can still help you eke out a few wins just by tilting your opponent.

The Imp still has good utility for PVE. Just by having some off-family Elemental damage as a Humanoid makes it an asset, and doubly so with the [url=]Family Familiar[/url] achievement series in Legion. One of my favorite ways to use mine right now is just putting up [ability]Immolation[/ability], then swapping to the back row. It keeps the fragile Imp out of harm’s way while still dealing some decent DPS, especially if I can find a way to stack debuffs.

The easiest way to deal with a Fiendish Imp may be AOE or DoTs. Since the most popular tactic is Immolation, maybe force swap and leave, applying your own DoTs to the Imp will kill it slowly while it’s in the back row… hopefully.

For PVP, S/S is definitely the preferred breed. For PVE, because it’s so fast, a P/S may be better, depending on your opponent.

In terms of similar pets, there’s no good single candidate. The pet from last year’s Blizzcon ticket, [pet]Murkidan[/pet], has many of the same abilities if you’re lucky enough to have grabbed one. The next closest is probably the [pet]Netherspace Abyssal[/pet], oddly enough. It’s not the same family, so it wouldn’t help with [url=]Murlocs, Harpies, and Wolvar, Oh My![/url], but it might with [url=]Master of Magic[/url].
xoxo, Your Pet Battling BFF, Tamer Liopleurodon.

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Re: Pet of the Month - Fiendish Imp

Post by Paladance » October 29th, 2016, 7:32 am

A nice post. Nothing else (meaningful) to say.

Good that [ability]Immolation[/ability] is mentioned as merely a "sort-of" DoT, because technically, it isn't treated as such -- it deals full damage to aquatics and can be dodged or avoided using [ability]Burrow[/ability]/[ability]Lift-Off[/ability] family abilities.

He's often paired with [ability]Plagued Blood[/ability] pets like [pet]Son of Sethe[/pet]. [ability]Mangle[/ability]/[ability]Wild Magic[/ability] aren't such popular, but would be a thing aswell.

I like to call him against Vesharr -- I can deal with Apexis Guardian first, using the fire and cancelling the roots and then mop up flyers with swift counters such as infamous [pet]Nexus Whelpling[/pet]. There's some RNG over here, but it shows how one can find and make use of a specific opportunity.

I have compiled community knowledge & data about pet battle abilities!

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