Pet of the Month - Lurking Owl Kitten

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Pet of the Month - Lurking Owl Kitten

Post by Liopleurodon » September 23rd, 2016, 9:40 am

Be sure to check out this month's [url=]feature on the Lurking Owl Kitten[/url]!

How Do You Use Your Lurking Owl Kitten?
It's a new expansion so there are a lot of new pets to explore and strategize with. I have high hopes for this adorable little Beast, and not just because it is just the cutest.

There's a lot to be said for pets which swap family at will. Many pets have abilities from multiple families, and being able to counter two things defensively is pretty rare. That said, one of those two things the Owl Kitten counters is Humanoid damage, which doesn't exactly have a strong presence in PVE. However, taking less damage from a Beast for one round could be a good trade.

I'm worried this may go the direction of the [pet]Gazelle Fawn[/pet], with very niche application and an otherwise underpowered pet, but we'll see how Legion shakes out. With the [url=]Family Familiar[/url] achievement this expansion, this pet may end up being a superstar for that purpose... though it would still be fairly niche.

Luckily there's only the one breed for the Owl Kitten, though it can be traded so it wouldn't be a huge deal if there were many. The closest substitution is a [url=]Cat of some kind[/url], of course.

Oddly, there are very few beasts with Flying abilities at all. Other than the paid [pet]Wind Rider Cub[/pet], there's only [pet]Tito[/pet] and the [pet]Silithid Hatchling[/pet], and both sources are quite questionable. If you need to defend against an Aquatic pet with Humanoid dps in the near future, the [pet]Lurking Owl Kitten[/pet] is definitely the pet for the job.
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Re: Pet of the Month - Lurking Owl Kitten

Post by Vakeetah » September 24th, 2016, 1:23 pm

As one of the few Beasts with Flying attacks, this one is proving invaluable for the family-specific achievement "Best of the Beasts". Tears Aquatics apart, while also being able to fend off other Beasts by temporarily becoming a Flier.

Packs a massive punch thanks to [ability]Feathered Frenzy[/ability], and if its base speed isn't enough, you can always [ability]Screech[/ability] to ensure [ability]Quills[/ability] hits as much as possible. Also, when the Beast passive kicks in, the damage goes through the roof!

Certainly lacks the endurance of other cats, but using it as a cat (of which we have plenty already) is silly, and goes against this pet's identity and potential.
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