☠ Resurrection Sickness: an analysis of the undead racial

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☠ Resurrection Sickness: an analysis of the undead racial

Post by Paladance » August 3rd, 2016, 9:55 am

There are strange things when it comes to some of racials after the death of their possessors.
For example, post-mortem DoTs of beasts still deal 25% more damage, while these of dragonkin -- not.
It's all a matter of the buff distribution.
The buff of a beast persists through their death, while the buff of a dragonkin is triggered back and forth and can't be reapplied to a dead pet.

And as of 7.0, there might be a similar concern about the undead pets, because during their bonus rounds they deal 25% less damage.
So what does really happen here?

Let's see that log from a common fight. I was keeping applying the DoT:
Round 15
[Lift-Off] dealt 326 damage to your [pet]Zomstrok[/pet].
Your Zomstrok died.
[Damned] healed 15 damage from your Zomstrok.
[Damned] applied [Undead] to your Zomstrok.
[[ability]Creeping Fungus[/ability]] applied [Creeping Fungus] to enemy Waterfly.
[Creeping Fungus] dealt 81 damage to enemy Waterfly.
Round 16
[Healing Stream] healed 208 damage from enemy Waterfly.
[Creeping Fungus] applied [Creeping Fungus] to enemy Waterfly.
[Creeping Fungus] dealt 81 damage to enemy Waterfly.
[Undead] fades from your Zomstrok.
[Undead] dealt 15 damage to your Zomstrok.
Your Zomstrok died.
Round 17
(skipping the details about swapping and active attacks)
[Creeping Fungus] dealt 108 damage to enemy Waterfly.
TL;DR: Death of an undead pet triggers passive [Damned] that revives the target; then it applies another buff [Undead] that prevents it from death until following round, when it takes the pet to a grave.
As you can see, the resurrection sickness is a part of that buff aswell -- damage after the ultimate demise isn't affected!

So no [Undead] = no nerf?
Indeed. Perhaps many of you have already used [ability]Haunt[/ability] after the prepatch -- and damage dealt is normal, because the haunting pet is technically fully dead, with buffs suspended (and haunt during the [Undead] is forbidden).

I've also checked another thing: If resurrection sickness is tied directly to the [Undead], does it mean that [pet]Ghost Maggot[/pet] + [ability]Survival[/ability] looks optimistic?
An answer is: Yes. The maggot comes back to dealing normal damage!

I have compiled community knowledge & data about pet battle abilities!

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Re: ☠ Resurrection Sickness: an analysis of the undead racia

Post by Wootzy » August 3rd, 2016, 5:42 pm

Hmm..interesting. I have to look into it some more. :TU

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