Is it me or is it the prepatch? Darkmoon tamer problem

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Re: Is it me or is it the prepatch? Darkmoon tamer problem

Post by Jerebear » July 9th, 2016, 10:31 am

I've been doing them all week with no problem including up to today.

I tried your team this morning and the abilities are doing the correct damage and the enemies are doing the same rotation and damage they always did. Nothing seems out of whack. Perhaps you are doing your rotation a bit different than you remember? What method do you use?
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Re: Is it me or is it the prepatch? Darkmoon tamer problem

Post by Peanutty » July 9th, 2016, 3:20 pm

My usual team for that fight is Jade Owl, Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, Sky-Bo (I don't have pets to level). Didn't see anything unusual in my results today, so wondering if maybe you were the victim of some bad RNG?

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Re: Is it me or is it the prepatch? Darkmoon tamer problem

Post by Jaladar » July 11th, 2016, 8:11 am

Sffcorgi wrote:I use tamer battles a lot for levelling new characters, and it was with this in mind I sent a L30 toon to battle Christoph VonFeasel with a previously-tested 2-pet team of Li'l XT and ... goodness, I think the Pocket Reaver? The earthquake attacks used to take about 80% of the health out of the backline.

However, my poor little Draenei was getting slapped down like she came at the battle with three Magikarps. Syd the Squid was taking Li'l XT out before he got through his round of 3 earthrattles, and the backline hardly look as much as scratched after both mechs and guest star Darkmoon Tonk as the third team member.

Did something change already? Alternatively, what's your favourite way of taking VonFeasel down?
Kinda late to the conversation here, but a friend of mine messaged me over the weekend with the exact same problem. Due to work I was unable to play and check anything out on my own but when I saw your post I was intrigued. Based on all the other replies I'm not sure what to say really, other than you're not alone (and I think maybe her issues may have been with Draenor Tamers not Darkmoon, but tried and true teams were no longer working).

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Re: Is it me or is it the prepatch? Darkmoon tamer problem

Post by Vakeetah » July 11th, 2016, 9:34 am

Late as well, it seems! :)
I had no noticeable problems, or at least, nothing out of the usual (which includes unfortunate crits and stuns)

For Cristoph VonFeasel I run a team of 2 pets + carry, and they've always worked fine:
  • S/S [pet]Grasslands Cottontail[/pet] ([ability]Flurry[/ability], [ability]Dodge[/ability], [ability]Burrow[/ability])
  • P/S [pet]Iron Starlette[/pet] ([ability]Wind-Up[/ability], [ability]Powerball[/ability], [ability]Supercharge[/ability])
  • Carry pet (able to survive 400 Beast damage from Otto's [ability]Feed[/ability])
Breeds are important here! The S/S Cottontail has the highest Power of all rabbits while still offering good Speed - other rabbits may not dish out enough damage, at least in their S/S breeds; and the P/S Starlette is necessary to ensure that you only need a Powerball to get the speed advantage over Mr. Pointy and Otto (a P/P needs two - and its massive damage potential is overkill).

Battle goes like this:
Against Syd, spam [ability]Flurry[/ability], [ability]Dodge[/ability] when [ability]Whirlpool[/ability] is about to hit, continue with [ability]Flurry[/ability], and [ability]Burrow[/ability] the next [ability]Whirlpool[/ability] if Syd was still alive.
Mr. Pointy comes out, sneak a [ability]Flurry[/ability] on first round before he shields, then use [ability]Dodge[/ability] and [ability]Burrow[/ability] to live for a bit and dish some damage to it.
The rabbit dies, so it's the Starlette's turn now. One [ability]Powerball[/ability] to get the speed to the right value, and then [ability]Wind-Up[/ability] twice to defeat that nasty Direhorn.
Otto comes out, so Starlette charges [ability]Wind-Up[/ability] (while getting hit with [ability]Darkmoon Curse[/ability]) and then swaps for the carry pet. Carry pet must withstand Otto's [ability]Feed[/ability] (400 damage, 600 if it crits) and then swap the Starlette back in. [ability]Supercharge[/ability], and unleash the [ability]Wind-Up[/ability] you had stored to obliterate Otto.
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