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Northrend Battle Pet Trainers help

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Northrend Battle Pet Trainers help

Postby Adamsavage » December 12th, 2012, 3:03 am

I'm currently trying to build up more max lvl pets, and I've read that to beat the Northend Trainers I need to do the following.

To defeat these trainers with maximum efficiency, you will need pets of the following type:
Magic, Flying, Critter, Humanoid, Mechanical, Beast

Beegle Blastfuse – Howling Fjord – Level 25
Quickteam List – Magic, Flying
Pet 1: Dinner – Flying – Use Magic
Pet 2: Gobbles – Flying – Use Magic
Pet 3: Warble – Aquatic – Use Flying

Nearly Headless Jacob – Crystalsong Forest – Level 25
Quickteam List - Critter
Pet 1: Stitch – Undead – Use Critter
Pet 2: Spooky Strangler - Undead – Use Critter
Pet 3: Mort - Undead – Use Critter

Okrut Dragonwaste – Dragonblight – Level 25
Quickteam List – Humanoid, Critter
Pet 1: Drogar – Dragonkin – Use Humanoid
Pet 2: Sleet – Undead – Use Critter
Pet 3: Rot – Undead – Use Critter

Gutretch – Zul’Drak – Level 25
Quickteam List – Mechanical, Beast
Pet 1: Cadavus – Beast – Use Mechanical
Pet 2: Fleshrender – Beast – Use Mechanical
Pet 3: Blight – Critter – Use Beast

oh and the link to my current pet collection, that is growing daily. Any suggestions, tips etc etc would be helpful. :D

*Just look up Adamsavage on Anvilmar, US Server. You will see my pet collection there.

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Re: Northrend Battle Pet Trainers help

Postby Eviver » December 12th, 2012, 9:59 am

Really the Northrend trainers aren't that hard the only 2 that gave me trouble was Headless Jacob and Major Payne the Northrend grand master. After killing those 2 there is nothing really hard till you get the Pandarian Spirit Tamers.

The easiest way i found to kill headless Jacob was to just use an army of frogs and turtles critter damage +aquatic resistance to undead damage.

You should probably level up a elemental just cause there are some annoying mechanicals your Searing Scorchling should be great for that . But capping a rare Water Waveling or a Fel Flame wouldn't hurt.

I found the greatest help against some of the harder trainers is Fluxfire Feline. If you can get a rare of any breed (only really 2) his supercharge windup windup combo is pretty much a 1500-3000 damage hit every 3 turns and unless its a elemental should one shot any annoying pests. His health is on the low side but he can pretty much carry teams by eliminating the tough guys or taking out 2 before running out of steam.

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Pet Score: 893
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Re: Northrend Battle Pet Trainers help

Postby Adamsavage » December 16th, 2012, 2:58 am

I forgot what pets I used, but I managed to beat all of Northend and beat Grand Master Aki, all in the same day. I did however take a screenshot of the pet line up I used for Grand Master Aki.

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