I'm in a huge need of assistance

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Re: I'm in a huge need of assistance

Post by Paladance » July 15th, 2016, 12:42 pm

o/ Thanks.

Went that mentioned version of Clonedance and got to a lose-lose with a guy with Graves, Ragnaros and S/S (sic!) Albino Chimaeraling.

I'm not sure what kind of conclusion should I take. :roll:

(I have an incredible temptation to run triple [pet]Elekk Plushie[/pet] and go AFK. Luckily for you, my tailor doesn't have enough mats. :lol:)

E: So because of the green fire, I did run [pet]Fel Flame[/pet] and [pet]Corrupted Nest Guardian[/pet], plus [pet]Frostwolf Ghostpup[/pet] to pretend I'm going to heal. Met a person with [pet]Clockwork Gnome[/pet], [pet]Menagerie Custodian[/pet] and [pet]Molten Corgi[/pet]. Isn't it beautiful? :)

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