Looking for a Fun Pet Battle Team

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Looking for a Fun Pet Battle Team

Post by Arcfaelen » April 15th, 2016, 12:30 am

Ok so basically im doing the grind for 5k wins in pet battles and my team consists of *groans*

Skull Toss, Bonestorm Grave Destruction
-Lil Xt
Zap, Heartbroken, Tympanic Tantrum
Infected Claw,Shell Shield, Carpnado

Now i realize that my team is so cheesy. But now im trying to better myself in hopes that i can actually enjoy my battles instead of mindlessly pressing 2 buttons over and over again. I'm really intreasted in RNG teams. one of my favorite pets is the Dandelion Frolicker. I enjoy using his dodge, and kick to frustrate my opponents xD. So if someone can help me come up with a fun RNG team, i would appreciate it :)

*btw sorry for noncaps. like 12:30am and just got off work >.<

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Re: Looking for a Fun Pet Battle Team

Post by Logansfury » April 15th, 2016, 6:08 am

If you use Rematch addon try something like a search for "Stun". This will bring up a list of the pets you own with attacks that can stun, most of which will be a 25% chance in addition to base damage.

Theres your RNG factor for a starter pet. Grab the most fun and interesting Stun capable pet that catches your eye, then decide what method of synergy you want to build on for the other 2 team spots, and use the search feature or family type tabs to bring up appropriate pets.

If you dont have Rematch, I cant suggest strongly enough that you goto Curse and download it. You will have a blast constructing teams and the addon will make it incredibly faster - as well as give you widgets to save and organize new teams as you see fit.

Hope this helps :)

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