Leveling alt with pet battles.

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Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Hobbitpolitics » November 4th, 2015, 10:21 am

I was just wondering if people had done this and if they enjoyed it, since Warlords is pretty much down for me I still enjoy collecting and pet battling.

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Re: Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Geraldo123 » November 4th, 2015, 11:41 am

I am leveling my 2nd alt now with pet battles, it takes a while ...

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Re: Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Peanutty » November 4th, 2015, 2:23 pm

If you really enjoy pet battling you might find it a nice break from doing the same old questlines over and over (plus you level pets in the process!), but it will be slow going.

I've never leveled an alt exclusively through pet battling, but most of my alts have done quite a bit of it to help supplement their leveling. Like I have a hunter that's been doing nothing but DMF pet battles and quests since level 27. She's now 80. And I had a DK that I parked at Trixxy in Winterspring that only did that one specific battle, every day, before I ended up using my lvl 90 boost on her.

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Re: Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Vakeetah » November 4th, 2015, 5:23 pm

I can't say I've levelled any characters exclusively through pet battles, but I've levelled one from 80 to 100, and three from 90 to 100 with Pet Battles mostly - and I say mostly, because I had to quest a bit to recruit Garrison followers before reaching level 100!

As far as the 90-100 part goes: In Frostfire Ridge, fighting the [pet]Icespine Hatchling[/pet] clusters, you get about 60% of a level, and 5 pets from 1 to 25 (with both XP Treats and Safari Hat), per hour spent. Did this a lot to gain progress towards the 2000 fights in Draenor (Draenor Pet Brawler) for the Garrison monument!

The team I use is:
  • [pet]Rotten Little Helper[/pet]: [ability]Club[/ability], [ability]Booby-Trapped Presents[/ability], [ability]Greench's Gift[/ability]
  • [pet]Feline Familiar[/pet]: [ability]Onyx Bite[/ability], [ability]Stoneskin[/ability], [ability]Devour[/ability]
  • Carry Pet. Below level 5, it risks death, so keep several alternate level 1s (or bandages) just in case!
Combat sequence is trivial. Start with [ability]Booby-Trapped Presents[/ability], then [ability]Greench's Gift[/ability]. The Icespine Hatchling should be dead by now, otherwise, use [ability]Club[/ability] to finish him off (ineffective, but enough to kill it). When the next pet comes in, it'll trigger the explosives, and die to a couple more attacks. You may swap your carry pet now (preferably against a Roach, as they're the most harmless) and then call upon [pet]Feline Familiar[/pet], who will have no trouble cleaning up the last pet (a Wasp or a Critter), thanks to his skillset.

Human Racial and Devour keep a steady amount of healing going, and will usually let you endure through the 8 minutes of Revive. I'm aware these pets are relatively rare due to seasonal restrictions, but you can use other pets with similar results (although I'll say [ability]Minefield[/ability] strategies remain insanely effective!) .

In case you play Horde, this may be easier since your Garrison is right there; if you're Alliance, I don't know how things are in Shadowmoon for wild pets - but at least you got Ashlei, I guess!
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Re: Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Tekulve2012 » November 4th, 2015, 6:18 pm

In order to earn the pet monument, I leveled 3 alts from 91-100 through pet battles. It compares well with questing time...it just seems longer due to the monotony. I did some pet pvp to keep relatively sane. My collection is already leveled so my approach here is for speed only..no pet leveling. You get some one atk wins (triple knockout)when you fight lvl 23s..RInspiration +Armaggedon =done

A battle ranges from 19 to 35 seconds for alliance on the Moonlit shore (shadowmoon valley)..using murkalot/blackfuse bombling(p/p) ~ (righteous inspir.+armageddon)..then gilnean raven to finish if needed

You earn 10k xp or so per battle. (the wild pets range lvl 23 to 25)

The horde zone is FFRidge and the spawns are faster and more plentiful imho and experience...I used the p/p imperial eagle using thrash as the 3rd with murkalot/bfbombling
The bonus objectives and questing is faster..but if you want the monument, you do need 2k pet fights in Draenor

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Re: Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Opheliaspins » November 9th, 2015, 9:48 pm

I've gotten two alts from like 91/92 to level 100 and now I'm working on my 3rd. The way I see it, I'd already be doing all of these pet battles, so I might as well get XP for a toon as well. It's not a really efficient way to level, but if you are already planning on level pets (and I'm trying to get the garrison statue) you might as well get Xp as well.

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Re: Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Druzy » November 9th, 2015, 9:52 pm

I have done this for some stretches of levels. Major downside is lack of gold from questing. If you enjoy fishing then this is a method to consider. You can always farm nodes/herbs/skins while wild pet battling.

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Re: Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Drudatz » November 10th, 2015, 1:07 am

I have done that. My Panda Tank who I now at 100 have no clue how to play properly. :P
I leveled him through the intro till og and then he sat there was level with ONLY pet pvp to 90
made the wod intro and apart from questline for salvage yard was leveled to 100 by level 25 pet pvp :)

ALso back then it was way more fun. Today its only graves, graves, graves, mpd, weebi and some frogs
and darkness only teams, so that i have to use my crawdad, tree and sunflower all the time.

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Re: Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Ssparkles » November 10th, 2015, 2:18 am

Levelling pets and toon at the same time is a win. You get a little less than a quest turn in per a wild pet battle win.
I did two toons in MoP (85-90) just with pet battles. Hell I was making new toons just so I could park them near Aki and farm wild battles. I've levelled up toons in WoD the same way. It's great now that Menagerie fights count towards your 2000 wins. Bird day is awesome!
As some others have mentioned, out the front of Horde Garrison is a good place to do it. Pets are plentiful and I often find another pet collector doing the same thing so I have someone to chat to.

And like others have mentioned I have broke, max lvl toons I don't know how to play.

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Re: Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Hootstwo » November 11th, 2015, 6:58 pm

I've leveled a few toons all the way from 1-100 with pet battles alone. I began doing a) because I wanted all my pets to level 25 b) it's actually quite efficient. I have some level 100s that I have genuinely NO idea how to play because all they've done is pet battle!

My typical approach has historically been to get a 2 person ride to one of a few good spots to level in Pandaria (by the Legendary Goat or by No No) and just sit and battle and watch TV. I found it somewhat soothing, and I got me a TON of pet stones doing it!

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Re: Leveling alt with pet battles.

Post by Darolyn » November 15th, 2015, 11:42 am

I'm leveling a toon today in a borrowed garrison for Squirt....does that count? ;)
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