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Pet of the Month - Restless Shadeling

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Pet of the Month - Restless Shadeling

Postby Quintessence » October 27th, 2015, 5:32 am

Many thanks to Liopleurodon for writing the battling portion of our newest feature, Pet of the Month. Here are some additional points on the Restless Shadeling that she wanted to share!

How Do You Use Your Restless Shadeling?
The Restless Shadeling is a favorite pet of mine largely because of its creepy taming behavior. Karazhan at night, alone, just waiting for something to go bump in the night? It’s enough to give anyone the willies.

As a battler, Phase Shift is by far the most useful ability the Shadeling has. It can require a bit of turn counting to get right, but we’ve seen frequently how useful this can be. This dodge plus the decent Undead damage the Shadeling brings makes it a favorite for the Tarr the Terrible fight. In particular, a dodge against Deathy’s Deep Breath is fairly crucial, and a great way to get around it is to wait for the stun, then swap to a pet with dodge to avoid it.

I frequently use the Shadeling as a Plagued Blood vehicle with DOT-heavy buddies. Especially with something like a Zandalari Kneebiter, that extra little bit of healing with that multi-hitting ability and a relatively fragile pet can really help things go the distance.

It has two breeds, H/H and H/S. H/S is almost always going to be preferred, because it allows you to effectively get two rounds out of your Phase Shift.

There aren’t really any other pets with an ability set to mirror the Restless Shadeling. The Bone Serpent, Blighthawk and Son of Sethe all have Lift-Off, which can be used to avoid certain direct hitting abilities, but won’t avoid most DoT abilities. The Ghastly Kid can use Ethereal, which is somewhat similar as well.

Another option for Plagued Blood I particularly enjoy is the Scourged Whelpling, because you can also use Death and Decay in the same set for a small boost to healing, too. If you’re just looking for a decent Undead damage dealer, much of the rest of that family fits the bill nicely. A good, still mournfully spooky option, is the Lost of Lordaeron. It’s easily tamed, and the spirit of a citizen murdered by Arthas is certainly a good ally for Hallow’s End.

Written by: Liopleurodon
Check out or Blizzard Watch for more of Liopleurodon's Pet Battle strategies and pet analyses.
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Re: Pet of the Month - Restless Shadeling

Postby Morlis » October 29th, 2015, 10:42 pm

I like the Restless Shadeling very much, great against humanoid opponents. Like it will practically solo Kromli and Gromli in the menagerie battle. Also as Quintessence mentioned very good against the 3 murlocs of Tarr the Terrible(tamer in Nagrand).

Timed right the Phase Shift skill avoids many of the heavy hits from both those encounters. The only draw back of Phase Shift is that if you are slower than your opponent it it not nearly as nice(hehe I guess Quintessence mentioned this as well :P).

I'll stop talking now, before I repeat any more fun facts about them. :lol:
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