Pet of the Month - Sister of Temptation

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Pet of the Month - Sister of Temptation

Post by Quintessence » September 24th, 2015, 8:00 am

Many thanks to [profile]Liopleurodon[/profile] for writing the battling portion of our newest feature, Pet of the Month. Here are some additional points on the [pet]Sister of Temptation[/pet] that she wanted to share!

How Do You Use Your Sister of Temptation?
Puns aside, the unique combination of a Humanoid with Undead abilities makes the Sister of Temptation worth grabbing.

I found her especially useful against the first pet Taran Zhu uses in the Celestial Tournament, the one caveat being that, because of [ability]Feign Death[/ability], you have to be careful about when you use [ability]Curse of Doom[/ability] if you don't want to see that dodged.

In most cases, Curse of Doom will be your best choice for that middle slot. It's a huge hit, but it very helpfully waits around so you can time buffs to great effect. You can also get a bit of synergy going with [ability]Lovestruck[/ability] using it to prevent your opponent from using avoidance moves to waste that long cooldown. In the Taran Zhu case, you can preemptively stun Yen so that he doesn't use that Feign Death as the Curse explodes.

The first slot is a toss-up. If you want to use [ability]Agony[/ability], you may have a few down turns here and there, because refreshing that DoT severely decreases its throughput. [ability]Shadow Shock[/ability] deals less damage than Agony, comparing Agony's total to Shadow Shock's, but because Agony deals damage across three rounds, Shadow Shock deals more overall, unless you're using a specific buffing strategy.

The downside to the Sister of Temptation is that, aside from the Curse, her other DoT, Agony, has a short duration. As a result you can't just set and forget her DoTs, then swap her to the back until you need to use that AOE heal. That heal is, like all AOE healing, fairly lackluster, making her generally a bit easy to counter. As with all DoT pets, a [ability]Shell Shield[/ability] or similar is another easy counter, though the big hit from Curse of Doom avoids that trap.

The Sister of Temptation comes in four different breeds: H/B, P/B, S/B and B/B. My pick is P/B, for harder hits and larger heals. With all pets with stuns, the speedier variants are always viable picks, too. Like all the Raiding With Leashes pets, they can be caged and traded so you can pick your favorite.

Is the Sister of Temptation already in your stable, or would she make a charming addition? Are there any other demons you still need to snap up before Legion? Let us know!

Written by: [profile]Liopleurodon[/profile]
Check out or Blizzard Watch for more of Liopleurodon's Pet Battle strategies and pet analyses.
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Re: Pet of the Month - Sister of Temptation

Post by Fallast » October 2nd, 2015, 3:04 pm

Well , with that hum.... "special" idle animation , who doesn't already have her ?

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Re: Pet of the Month - Sister of Temptation

Post by Ddd » November 5th, 2015, 4:52 pm

Picked her up on the AH for around 300g after reading the pet of the month article about her.

Looking forward to levelling her and trying her out!

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