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List of pets that receive both damage and defense bonuses

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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List of pets that receive both damage and defense bonuses

Postby Felixinseattle » July 9th, 2015, 4:38 pm

]VS Aquatic

    Enchanted Broom — [Enchanted Broom]

    JadeOwl — [Jade Owl]

Vs Beast

    Brilliant Spore — [Brilliant Spore]

    Cerulean Moth

    Crimson Spore — [Crimson Spore]

    Crimsonwing Moth

    Dragon Kite — [Dragon Kite]

    Dusty Sporewing — [Dusty Sporewing]

    Mechanical Axebeak — [Mechanical Axebeak]

    Seaborne Spore — [Seaborne Spore]

    Skywisp Moth

    Stormwing — [Stormwing]

    Umbrafen Spore — [Umbrafen Spore]

    Zangar Spore — [Zangar Spore]

VS Critter

    Bonkers — [Bonkers]

    Corefire Imp — [Blazing Rune]

    Curious Wolvar Pup — [Curious Wolvar Pup]

    Dandelion Frolicker — [Dandelion Frolicker]

    Deathy — [Smoldering Murloc Egg]

    Fiendish Imp — [Satyr Charm]

    Flayer Youngling

    Grommloc — [Grommloc]

    Harbinger of Flame — [Mark of Flame]

    Hogs — [Hogs' Studded Collar]

    Kun-Lai Runt

    Lil' Bad Wolf — [Spiky Collar]

    Stunted Yeti
VS Dragonkin

    Bone Serpent — [Bone Serpent]

    Cursed Birman — [Cursed Birman]

    Fragment of Desire — [Fragment of Desire]

    Macabre Marionette — [Macabre Marionette]

    Scourged Whelpling

    Weebomination — [Weebomination]

    Widget the Departed — [Widget the Departed]
VS Elemental
    Rapana Whelk

    Rusty Snail

    Scooter the Snail — [Snail Shell]

    Shimmershell Snail

    Silkbead Snail
VS Flying

    Azure Whelpling — [Azure Whelpling]

    Bronze Whelpling — [Time-Locked Box]

    Celestial Dragon — [Celestial Dragon]

    Chrominius — [Whistle of Chromatic Bone]

    Emerald Proto-Whelp

    Emerald Whelpling — [Tiny Emerald Whelpling]

    Essence of Competition — [Competitor's Souvenir]

    Infinite Whelpling

    Lanticore Spawnling — [Lanticore Spawnling]

    Nether Faerie Dragon

    Netherwhelp — [Netherwhelp's Collar]

    Nexus Whelpling

    Spirit of Competition — [Gold Medallion]

    Sprite Darter Hatchling — [Sprite Darter Egg]

    Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon — [Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon]
VS Humanoid

    Amethyst Spiderling

    Ash Spiderling

    Crystal Spider

    Desert Spider

    Devouring Maggot

    Dusk Spiderling

    Fel Pup

    Festering Maggot

    Feverbite Hatchling

    Forest Spiderling

    Jumping Spider

    Jungle Grub


    Lost Netherpup — [Lost Netherpup]


    Molten Hatchling

    Mr. Grubbs — [Mr. Grubbs]

    Skittering Cavern Crawler

    Smolderweb Hatchling — [Smolderweb Egg]


    Twilight Spider

    Venomspitter Hatchling

    Widow Spiderling

VS Magic

    Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling — [Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling]

VS Undead


    Darkmoon Turtle — [Darkmoon Turtle]

    Emerald Turtle


    Garden Frog

    Gulp Froglet — [Gulp Froglet]

    Horny Toad

    Huge Toad

    Jubling — [A Jubling's Tiny Home]

    Jungle Darter

    Leopard Tree Frog

    Mac Frog

    Mojo — [Mojo]

    Mud Jumper

    Small Frog

    Softshell Snapling

    Speedy — [Turtle Box]

    Spiny Terrapin

    Spotted Bell Frog

    Swamp Croaker


    Tree Frog — [Tree Frog Box]

    Turquoise Turtle

    Wood Frog — [Wood Frog Box]

    Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog

I didn't do VS mechanical since just about all elementals do elemental damage.

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Re: List of pets that receive both damage and defense bonuse

Postby Jerebear » July 9th, 2015, 6:03 pm

I tend to add Willy as an aquatic one as well. With the moveset Tongue Lash, Eyeblast, Rot, he does Strong damage to aquatics and takes weak damage from them as well. Not a perfect hard counter, but an interesting one based on moveset.
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