The pvp war against undead

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The pvp war against undead

Post by Tekulve2012 » June 13th, 2015, 6:21 am

So if you do any pet pvp, you face undead more than any other race of pet. The undead have a great racial, lots of health and some of the best new pets including Graves and the Fragment of Anger.

The Murkalot/Graves combo is expecially potent. I have used it and can report that in 2 turns it will output 2k damage...even more vs humanoids.

I thought it would be helpful to see if people have had success beating Graves, Weebom, Ghastly kid and all the OP undead AoE
I have had fun running an h/h breed young talbuk -with 1725 hp and crouch(tough n cuddly), it lasts and 260 speed and power are enough for flurry to punish undead

The best success against me when i used Graves...the triple frogs did ok, a Little Fawn did well with a heal and hoof

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Re: The pvp war against undead

Post by Myon » June 13th, 2015, 8:35 am

I've been running Murkalot/Graves myself so I'll just rattle off some comps that have put up a good fight.

A haunt + consume corpse team with an aquatic third (Valk, Stitched Pup, and the ol' P/P Emperor Crab for example) does pretty well. The third pet frankly doesn't really matter much, but the crab is probably the pet I'd least like to see in that slot.

The key is to open with the valk and haunt, then Consume Corpse after RI has been used to nullify any damage from the RI'd grave destruction, and your crab will be barely dented - you've just weathered the worst of their gameplan with barely a scratch and are in a great position. Murkalot is very poorly equipped to finish off an undead heavy team after Graves has been taken out.

I ran into someone using a Vengeful Porcupette quite competently too. Graves is all AoE without any single target burst so that means you have a lot of time to throw out beast racial boosted 600+ damage flurries without the threat of dying. You have plenty of time to powerball yourself up faster than their team too which means lots of spirit spikes value.

Rabbits on the other hand are not the solution at all. They simply don't have the damage output to seriously chase Graves off and get hard countered by Murkalot (critter damage weak against humans, dodge/burrow evasion is countered by RI).

I'm thankful I haven't run into anyone using the Young Talbuk, it looks real troublesome - not to mention Tough n Cuddly has great synergy with the beast racial.

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Re: The pvp war against undead

Post by Topaz » June 13th, 2015, 9:03 am

Graves is just a normal pet without the boost of RI, so all you need to do is counter 1 turn and your'e back to a normal fight, and in 8 turn you need to either kill murkalot or graves.
1. Since RI adds 100% to speed Graves will have 422 speed, using a royal/skywisp moth a good choice, a P/S or H/S and faster than Graves and can use Counterspell. Downside - Blessed Hammer is strong against flyers and your opponent might just kill the moth instead of using RI.
2. Other choices are pets that can either slow your foe and interrupt (any pet with the word eye), or pets that can boost their own speed and interrupt such as bog beast, Deathwatch Hatchling or clockem (which is best cause Blessed Hammer is weak against mechs). Downside - your foe can just ignore what expected of him and change to the sweeper pet.
3. Since RI is one of those "always 1st" abilities Graves will enter before you attack, so starting with this as your 1st attack means graves will have its 100% attack boost, sadly for your foe it in the back row. Downside - your foe might not be stupid and realize what youre about to do and not use RI blindly.

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Re: The pvp war against undead

Post by Saasan » June 13th, 2015, 7:27 pm

I just faced a team of two Fragments of Anger and one Graves. I was running Murkalot, Graves, and MPD. We ended at a tie, but if crits had been more in their favor it would have been all them. My only saving grace being able to make them waste their racial rez with my back line damage moves. Could have been really ugly.

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