Pet of the Month - Junglebeak

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Pet of the Month - Junglebeak

Post by Quintessence » May 22nd, 2015, 2:52 pm

Many thanks to [profile]Liopleurodon[/profile] for writing the battling portion of our newest feature, [url=]Pet of the Month[/url]. Here are some additional points on the [pet]Junglebeak[/pet] that she wanted to share!

How Do You Use Your Junglebeak?
Junglebeaks make for really versatile pets that are both sturdy and exceptionally fun when you're the one playing them.

That [ability]Rain Dance[/ability] and [ability]Nocturnal Strike[/ability] combo mentioned a bit in the front page post is the thing that makes me cackle really hard when using this pet. It's so strong that if I spend the rest of this post writing out a recipe for potatoes dauphinoise I'll still have imparted more than enough pet battling knowledge to hold you over til next month.

It does take a bit of finesse to use, and there are still benefits to sticking by the old [ability]Call Darkness[/ability] standby for a few applications. If you're going up against a lot of heal-heavy turtle teams or heal-happy PVE encounters like Dos-Ryga, Darkness is still going to be a better tactic.

Overall the Rain Dance combo is more controllable, because the only way it can be stopped is if your opponent dodges outright with something like [ability]Burrow[/ability], or if you're afflicted with something like the [pet]Death Adder Hatchling[/pet]'s [ability]Blinding Poison[/ability]. Using a weather effect as your blind means that just changing the weather (or going up against an elemental) completely negates your chosen strategy.

Because the Junglebeak is a Flying pet, it will be faster than most other pets, so even if your opponent does have a dodge or two in its back pocket, you'll have better control of the fight overall and usually be able to just wait a turn for that effect to wear off, and then use whatever you've got.

The Junglebeak can also swing back over to a [ability]Lift-Off[/ability]/Rain Dance combo for longevity. Though this has more applications for PVE than PVP, adding a versatile pet to your stable is always a good thing. Because it's so easy to obtain, and at such a high level, you can just go out and grab it right now for a quick boost. I don't use this one as much in PVP, but it's nice in PVE matches with big abilities you can anticipate a bit, like Dor the Wall.

Other pet options with this moveset include the [pet]Axebeak Hatchling[/pet] and [pet]Fruit Hunter[/pet]. The Axebeak is slightly more difficult to tame in Gorgrond, but both it and the Junglebeak have identical stats and breeds so either way is good. The Fruit Hunter comes from the wiggling egg, which is a looted doodad above Grom'gar in Frostfire Ridge. You'll have to wait a couple days for one to hatch. Fruit Hunter only comes in P/B, with slightly higher health, but lower power and speed than the other 2 in the same breed.

Have you experimented with this pet yet?

Written by: [profile]Liopleurodon[/profile]
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Re: Pet of the Month - Junglebeak

Post by Kel » May 26th, 2015, 11:59 am

Love this pet! I typically level new toons in Valley of the Four Winds and those are heavy aquatic pets. I run the [url=]Slicing Wind[/url] / [url=]Raindance[/url] / [url=]Nocturnal Strike[/url] moveset. This guy just tears through aquatics like nobody's business. 8-)
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