So how are you all powerleveling now?

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So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Beave » March 27th, 2015, 11:45 am

I have two toons with lvl 3 garrison so I'm getting 16-20 tokens a day. Right now I'm spending most of those on the random bags of stones. I also join a group to run Kura every day. From 22-25 I'm using stones. What's the best way to get pets to 20+ now?

Are Pandaren daily trainers everyone else's go-to leveling method again? Squirt is nice but it's once every 2 weeks and if I've got other things going that day I'm out for another 2 weeks. Or are you using treats and biscuits and hitting world pets?

Right now I have a few alts camped at about half of the the Pandaren trainers (who I can get to quickly), and then I've been fighting mobs on the Timeless Isle. There are lots of moths there. I can run my P/P Emerald Proto Whelp, Darkmoon Zep, and a carry pet for what are usually 10-15 round fights. The first pet is always a flying pet, and most of the time you get a 2nd flying pet in there too, so EPW just chews them up. That's not super fast though compared to what we used to be able to do in the garrison.

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Jchertudi86 » March 27th, 2015, 12:41 pm

I just do a few Pandaria trainers. In WoD I've been using a level 90 mage to powerlevel pets in Pandaria, and now that mage is level 97 (and has never step foot in Draenor!). If I use pet treats and a hat it only takes about 3 or 4 trainers before I can use the leveling stones to cover the last 3 levels or so. Pretty quick job. But I never tried to powerlevel more than maybe 4 pets, at most, in a day. I liked to space it out a bit. Usually just 2 pets a day. I did do the WoD route for a long time but it's annoying without flight and honestly the trainers are a bit more annoying to 2-pet, I think. Many would disagree with this, I know.

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Peanutty » March 27th, 2015, 12:54 pm

When I'm actively working on my collection, I level 2 pets a day via Pandaria tamers (though now I include Erris/Kura in the rotation as well so I can skip Seeker Zusshi since he's out of the way). If 2 pets a day seems to slow, if you think about it, in 1 year you can level 730 pets that way so I don't think that's bad at all. :) I guess I prefer this because I like having a set routine for this, and I like the free upgrade stones and the Pandaren spirit pets to sell. I tried the menagerie power leveling thing once before it was changed but it wasn't my style.

If I do any wild battles I'll carry low level pets through that, as a bonus, but I don't rely on that for leveling.

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Vivienne » March 27th, 2015, 1:07 pm

I have alts stationed at each Pandaren trainer, another at Ashlei, and the rest of the WoD trainers I hit(Not everyday though) with my main.

If I'm feeling extra level-y, I'll take lil' XT and my Darkmoon Zepplin out to Frostfire Ridge and carry some lvl 1's with me.

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Taleranor » March 27th, 2015, 5:23 pm

My current strategy works like this:

1) Fight the menagerie, get 8-10 tokens.
2) Fight Erris, get 3 leveling stones. Standard 2-pet strategy, with a lower level getting a boost.
3) Fly to Talador, fight Taralune for tokens. 2-pet strategy to let a lower-level... you get the hint.
4) Feather to Vesharr for tokens and 2-pet strategy.
5) Return to the menagerie. Buy lesser and greater pet treats.
6) Fly to Frostfire. Pop treats, fight Gargra.
7) Garristone home, race to Ashlei. Here, I use the Clockwork Gnome+2 low levels.
8) Hearth to Shrine. Begin standard Pandaria Tour of the various trainers. (Earth Spirit, Yon, Fore Spirit, Zuushi, Shu, Water Spirit, Mo'ruk, Nishi, Aki, (hearthstone) Air Spirit, Hyuna.
9) With a few minutes left, I Potion of Deepholm myself to Bordin Steadyfist for one last lesser pet leveling bump.
10) Proceed to use extra pet charms to buy leveling stones, apply as needed.
11) If needed, I'll saunter out to smack around Tarr or Cymre, but they're optional in my book.

On an average day, that nets me 5-7 max level pets, plus a smattering of blue stones and Pandaren spirits. (Speaking of which, I have a surplus of both.)

I have just around 100 pets to finish leveling, ranging from 6 to 17, so fighting in the wild is... tedious.

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Jerebear » March 27th, 2015, 6:24 pm

I don't power level often anymore (everything at 25), but when I do, I can hit all 11 MoP tamers and all 6 WoD tamers in just under an hour. That's my "go to" at this point.
Carry Pet Experience Reference Guide:

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Zonnetje » March 28th, 2015, 7:47 am

I am doing the panda spirits and trainers (with hat and treats) for the boost. I do the draenor dailies. Being a mage makes it so much easier. I level a bunch from 1-12, then level a bunch 12-20, then level 20-23. Then use my tokens I collect from the garrison dailies and Erris to power level a ton at the same time. In less than a month, I have gone from 2 level 25s to, I think 160 +/-? I use the pet tokens for battle stones now, as I had been using them for bags of level tokens. So raise, 7-12 pets from lesser quality to rare per day. (8 toons doing the garrison pet daily!



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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Foxyproxy » March 28th, 2015, 3:39 pm

it is still possible to powerlevel using Squirt from the menagerie after 6.1 , i used this strategy to gain 5k+ exp per pet battle with the usual 50% + 25% + 10% boost and it is at this moment the fastest , easiest and has a 100% fail proof to power level any pet with no RNG involved taking only 2 minutes per fight including healing your team right after finishing the fight.

It is also one of the few ways to powerlevel level 1 pets since this strategy insures that the carrying pet takes no damage whatsoever , major thanks to Sepsis for coming with this amazing strategy !!
Sepsis wrote:
Strategy 2 (~1:35-1:40)

Enchanted Broom (2/2/2)
Weebomination (just Cleave)

Round 1: Sweep
Round 2: Switch to Carry Pet
Round 3: Switch to Weebomination
Round 4-11: Cleave (the back row should die by round 10, death round should trigger on 11)
Round 12: Switch to Enchanted Broom (Puzzle should waste Portal)
Round 13: Batter

You can find when the next time Squirt will be available in the menagerie here ( only posted once to thank sepsis so it might not show the link here , if it does then just remove the spaces around the dot ) :

battlepetroundup . com/pet-events-calendar/

If you are in EU then just add +1 , good luck :)

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Rafein » March 29th, 2015, 5:03 am

Been lazy and just using charms to buy leveling stones.

Do battle Draenorr trainers while leveling, they are really double XP.

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Pettea » March 29th, 2015, 7:52 am

I usually do Northrend every day since you can fly afk. This usually brings one or two pets close to 20 or above it. At which point you can easily use the leveling stones from the Garrison.

I also frequently do the trainers near Orgrimmar (Durotar, Barrens, Needles, Dustwallow, Hearthstone, Hyjal, Winterspring, Felwood (because I want a minfernal still), if I feel like it I can do a few more here, but don't usually).

Basically my game is to easily level to 15ish, or high enough to survive the harder easy-access trainers in WoD and MoP, and level the last few levels with stones.

I do not need to powerlevel anymore though. There are currently no pets that I ***want*** leveled right now. My queue has becoming more and more empty over the past few days :)

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Thestarchild » March 29th, 2015, 8:24 am

Power leveling has been easy. Just take 2 flying pets or 1 flying pet with chi-chi to a beach area and kill crabs. Right there u can lvl up one pet, and if you use a low lvl character, lvl to 100. It gets boring after awhile but it is super easy. You also have a chance to get some flawless stones. Now you know my secret. Lol

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Topaz » March 29th, 2015, 10:35 am

I must say that ive been pretty lazy and caught up with BRF so im only doing squirt for 2 hours when its up, and Erris whenever i manage to find one on queue.

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Re: So how are you all powerleveling now?

Post by Donnamartin » March 29th, 2015, 5:35 pm

The WoD trainers are very efficient for a low time commitment.

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