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Magic Pet for PVE

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Kaecee » March 23rd, 2015, 9:31 am

Hi All

I am gradually increasing my pets but I have found that I am lacking magic pets more than any other family. I have an Ultimate Battle stone to use and I was wondering if anyone has a decent idea of a Magic Battle pet worth finding/farming/using. However, I also want to ask if there is another pet from a different family that can do magic just as well can anyone suggest something. Many thanks guys, I appreciate your help in advance.

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Re: Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Dirkie » March 23rd, 2015, 10:06 am

For me the Jade Owl is one of the best magic pets. It has strong attacks against aquatic pets and defends well against aquatics attacks. Plus it is easy to get as it is a Jewelcrafting pet so just find someone to make you one. It is my number one go to pet against Aquatic pets. To bad you are on an EU server or I could give you one.

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Re: Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Jerebear » March 23rd, 2015, 10:13 am

Some of the standard slimes are really good for DoT strategies (Jade Oozeling, Disgusting Oozeling, Oily Slimeling, Toxic Wasteling, Viscidus Globule...anything with two DoTs). Just keep in mind that you don't want high health magic pets normally as it doesn't make use of the Magic Racial if they are. The Jade Oozeling rocks in with the most power if you get the P/P breed.

Syd the Squid is a very good magic pet.
Enchanted Broom is another good one (fast with enemy swap attack)
Hyjal Wisp is very tanky with dodge, wish, and the magic racial.
Jade Owl is a hard counter to aquatics (haven't used this much in practice though)
Lofty Libram is a good humanoid killer
Mini Mindslayer is a good followup Mana Surge spammer (assuming you pair it with a nexus whelp).
Either of the lanterns with Illuminate is a good pet to put on an Explode team.
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Re: Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Pettea » March 23rd, 2015, 11:22 am

The Jade Owl is the only Magic-type pet I regularly use in PvE.

Fast wisps (S/S) are also good though, since their Blind works the turn you put it on, if you're faster.

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Re: Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Celya » March 23rd, 2015, 11:56 am

Kaecee wrote:I have an Ultimate Battle stone to use and I was wondering if anyone has a decent idea of a Magic Battle pet worth finding/farming/using

If you really want a Magic family pet, I'd suggest the Servant of Demidos. It has strong anti-flying attacks as well as a choice between a heal and a removes-objects-on-the-battlefield move. That, or an Enchanted Broom, Syd the Squid, Jade Oozeling as suggested above by other posters.

Kaecee wrote:However, I also want to ask if there is another pet from a different family that can do magic just as well can anyone suggest something.

I think this is probably your best move. If you want a pet with magic abilities, i.e. strong against flyers, it opens up a lot more options for pets that are frankly more likely to be useful to you. An Emerald Proto-Drake, for example, has a strong anti-flyer move option in its first slot, takes weak damage from flying attacks and has an absolute myriad uses in pet battle PVE against trainers. The Fragment of Anger has a lot of anti-flyer moves, and seems strong in pvp as well. A Nexus Whelpling has the deadly Arcane Storm/Mana Surge combo which hits even non-flyers very hard. A Nether Faerie Dragon or Sprite Darter Hatchling is used in a lot of the carry-pet strategies for the WoD trainers.

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Re: Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Vipers » March 23rd, 2015, 3:18 pm

Kaecee wrote:a Magic Battle pet worth finding/farming/using.

If what you need is magic damage, you can't go wrong with Nexus Whelpling P/P. It turns out that the best magic pet in the game isn't even magic type.

If what you need is magic's resistance to water, then you should use something that burns whatever it is you are fighting against, quicker than they can damage you.

If you still need a magic pet, for whatever reason, get a Jade Oozeling/Oily Slimeling/Disgusting Oozeling or any other of those blobs you see everywhere.
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Re: Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Peanutty » March 23rd, 2015, 4:42 pm

S/S Nordrassil Wisp is probably the magic pet I use most - the speed is beneficial to the blind effect (Flash).

As others have mentioned above, Jade Owl is a good pick as a counter to aquatic pets (it takes less damage and has a flying type attacks), and if you're looking for magic type damage but not an actual magic pet, Nexus Whelpling is fantastic as its abilities synchronize well with itself.

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Re: Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Jchertudi86 » March 23rd, 2015, 6:23 pm

I gave up on my Jade Owl. In theory it is a perfect counter to aquatics... in practice most aquatics run around with a shield which guts the owl's damage significantly. Furthermore its stats are unimpressive. It would benefit from being a flying pet more than magic, truth being told. Maybe I just didn't utilize it well enough but this pet didn't impress me much.

As others have said most of the best magic damage dealers are dragons (the faerie dragons and the nexus whelpling are my most used pets for magic damage). They hard counter the flying type, which is mostly when you want the damage.

The magic pets I end up using the most are:

1. Enchanted Broom - one of the first three pets I leveled and one of my favorites in general. It has great speed and a pet swap ability, as well as mechanical attacks which can devastate beasts that rely on big attacks. I use him for my Xu-Fu strat as well.

2. Servant of Demidos - Blizz's response to the lack of quality magic pets, I think. Low health makes the magic racial shine, and ridiculous damage output with a good heal can help him survive an extra round. Still, despite all these benefits, he can be tricky to use well if you cannot outrun your opponent (and at 260 speed, he doesn't outrun much of anything without a speed modifier).

3. Hyjal Wisp - a new addition but awesome. Great speed with a dodge, heal, and magic racial... very survivable pet, and Arcane Blast does nice damage.

4. Nordrassil Wisp - this pet relies mainly on its blind combo. Be sure to get a fast one.

5. Chaos Pup - haven't played with this one much but I suspect it can be of use.

Syd the Squid is probably good but I haven't used mine at all. Because magic damage is almost best supplied by the above mentioned dragons, I tend to look for magic pets with some sort of utility (pet swap on the broom, for example). The Harmonious Porcupette has tons of utility but unfortunately a dragon once again trumps it for the most part (Yu'la).

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Re: Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Kaecee » March 23rd, 2015, 6:39 pm

Hi All

Many thanks for your replies, they were really useful. I went out with my JC this evening and got the Jade Owl pattern and made 2 owls, one BB and one PB. I have also recently got a Nexus Whelpling so I will level that one too and see how they go. Really appreciate your comments, great community, thanks again :D

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Re: Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Luciandk » March 24th, 2015, 1:20 pm

Jade Owl shines on Flowing Pandaren Spirit. Ive sometimes been able to solo the whole team with it alone. It also does a good job on the trainer outside Klaxxi Vess

Another vote for Hyjal Wisp. For a newcomer, its a sure potent magic pet. Thanks to its longevit, dodge plus Wish, it can really make good use of arcane blast. Building it up into a deadly hitter.

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Re: Magic Pet for PVE

Postby Donnamartin » March 26th, 2015, 10:36 pm

I use the Disgusting Oozling in quite a few PVE battles.

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