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Re: Team Up!

Post by Cassuide » December 9th, 2012, 8:42 am

My only theme team at this stage is my Browser team... Chrominius called Chrome, Fox kit called Firefox and Terrible turnip called Explorer... hehehe

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Re: Team Up!

Post by Jrshoe » December 31st, 2012, 6:42 pm

Here's another theme team!

Aces High :

Lil' Ragnaros (highest base attack : 374)
Cheetah Cub (highest base speed : 390)
Scooter the Snail (highest base health : 1969)

Pound Puppies :

Fjord Worg Pup
Core Hound Pup

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Re: Team Up!

Post by Cabadath » January 3rd, 2013, 6:05 am

AOE abilities aren't really that strong in itself.

I find the following team interesting though:
Call lightning + AOE / multiple hit abilities.

A particular team weakness is if the enemy also uses weather effects with their current pets. Swapping back to your call lightning-pet is a pain, particularly if the enemy uses a weather ability with a 3 round CD. Still, this seems like a fun team to try out.

The team is also weak against the enemys current pet if that pet has massive healing and a damage shield. The benched pets are sitting ducks however, though your current pet may get mauled by the enemys current pet because of this. Perhaps have an ace like Fluxfire Feline, Jade Oozeling, Chrominius or something as a third pet to be able to take out a healing/damage reducing enemy pet.

To get the key ability Call lightning, use one of the following pets:
Wild Jade Hatchling
1: Call lightning
2: Cyclone
3: Swap pet or use tail sweep for 2xhits

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
1: Call lightning (or perhaps Supercharge first, then Call lightning - which will overwrite the enemys weather effect if he has it and casts it the first round)

Curious Wolvar Pup
1: Frenzyheart brew
2: Whirlwind (bonus dmg from frenzyheart brew, and bonus dmg from call lightning)

Jade Oozeling
1: Acidic goo
2: Corrosion
3: Absorb
Also has magic racial vs hard hitters, though this won't protect much from all the smaller hits.
No AOE, but the Jade oozeling will wreak havoc on the enemy pet with those abilities.

Lava crab
1: Shell shield (reduce dmg from all the extra hits from call lightning)
2: Magma wave (for AOE and to clear out turrets etc.).

1: Extra plating (for dmg reduction)
2: Toxic smoke (dot which proccs call lightning dmg, as well as benefiting from the +25% mech dmg buff)
Warbot hits pretty hard with 325 attack.

Jade Crane Chick
1: Jade skin (for dmg reduction)
2: Flock (+100 % dmg for 2 rounds, and 3 hits pr turn which gives massive dmg combined with call lightning)

Death Talon Whelpguard
1: Whirlwind
2: Darkflame (for tactical use vs healing enemy pets)

Terrible turnip
1: Sons of the root (avoid dmg, plus nuking the enemy while you're away)
2: Tidal wave (team dmg, plus clearing out any objects)
3: Leech seed if needed
Avoids dmg while dishing out dmg. Focus both on the enemys current pet and their bench, which gives versatility but may result in too little team dmg on the enemy.

Personal World Destroyer
1: Quake (mech dmg which gets +25 % bonus dmg from call lightning on top of the added hit)
2: Continue with Quake, and have repair if you need to use it (though it probably isn't optimal as you lose a couple of rounds during the lightning storm, while the enemy gets to deal bonus dmg to you)

Lil' XT / Landro's Lil' XT
1: Heartbroken (bonus dmg if hit)
2: Tympanic tantrum (mech dmg which gets +25 % bonus dmg from call lightning on top of the added hit)

1: Heartbroken (bonus dmg if hit)
2: Rapid fire (nice dmg on enemy team. Also nice to get bonus dmg vs dragonkin)
3: Love potion (heal if needed, but the focus is to deal as much dmg to the enemy team and sacrificing your pet doing it)
He has high speed, which always is nice. The 260 attack isn't that impressive, but with heartbroken it gets interesting.

Could also be fun just to try it out:
- Start with Ghostly skull, let the enemy dump a high dmg cd ability on him, then instantly use unholy ascension.
- The enemy will not expect you to sacrifice him that early, your other two pets will then have avoided a hard hitting strike, and you will have +25 % dmg debuff on the enemy team which combined with call lightning on the next round from your Wild Jade Hatchling or whatever + one of the pet options above can be quite interesting.
- With that much dmg output on the entire team, the enemy will be stressed out. Sacrificing a pet that early will probably result in a high chance to lose, but the point is to try interesting team setups to have some fun :)

This is my thoughts so far on such a team setup. Could of course also use a pet with quake or tympanic tantrum (mech dmg, which gets +25 % dmg from the call lightning + the extra hit).

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Re: Team Up!

Post by Jordicus » January 3rd, 2013, 6:55 am

I did almost all of the Tamers up until the lvl 25 ones with a Mech team

Clockwork Rocket Bot
Pet Bombling
Darkmoon Zeppelin

It couldn't hold up to the Epic/Legendary rank pets of the higher level tamers though since it utilized a lot of swapping to pull out its best strengths....

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