Requesting help with possibly writing a guide

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Requesting help with possibly writing a guide

Post by Monkeykibble » January 8th, 2015, 11:30 pm

I know that I have a bunch of the hard to find pets (All Blizzard CE's except for vanilla, All blizzcon pets, Anniversary pets, Spirit of competition, Vampiric batling...only really missing murkimus, the tcg pets and Tyrael) I know that I was looking for a guide that utilized some of these harder to find pets, I saw another recent post where someone was requesting a guide utilizing some of these harder to find pets.

Thing is, I'm still *really* new to the whole pet battling thing...outside of the obvious tail swipe/slower speed being useful, I'm not that great of a judge as to why X pet is better with Y moveset and breed Z. If some of the guide writers out there could give me some pointers, maybe I might be able to whip something up, providing there's interest? (I think there is?)

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