Pet of the Month - Molten Corgi

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Pet of the Month - Molten Corgi

Post by Quintessence » December 17th, 2014, 9:54 am

Many thanks to [profile]Liopleurodon[/profile] for writing the battling portion of our newest feature, Pet of the Month. Here are some additional points on the [pet]Molten Corgi[/pet] that she wanted to share!

How Do You Use Your Molten Corgi?
This adorable ball of fluff and lava has nearly every available mechanic in its bag of tricks, making it a decent selection to level up for a newbie tamer. The one common defensive omission is a per-hit shield like [ability]Shell Shield[/ability]. A Shattered Defenses move like [ability]Howl[/ability] is also missing, but considering the myriad of synergy pets that can be paired here that doesn't seem like too big an exclusion.

I haven't ventured into pet PVP with my Corgi just yet, what with all my time-consuming wizard chores in the garrison, but I'd venture that a build with [ability]Bark[/ability], [ability]Cauterize[/ability] and [ability]Puppies Of The Flame[/ability] would make for an infuriatingly adorable turtle build.

The Corgi's power is quite low with a mere 260 at cap so anything other than a longevity build will likely be met with destruction. I'm excited to play around a bit more with [ability]Inferno Herding[/ability] but because [ability]Flamethrower[/ability] puts the DoT on the ground instead of on the pet it's questionable whether that's going to be viable even with a good deal of synergy.

I have used this pet at length in PVE. It cleans up against the menagerie team featuring the defective Blingtron 4999b. It is Elemental, the traditional hard counter to Mechanicals, but it also has the Beast offense to beat up those tricky little Roboflauged robots. It also has Puppies Of The Flame to avoid the occasional [ability]Ion Cannon[/ability] to the adorable, bat-eared face.

The number one thing I will do with my Corgi is wild taming. I know I'm not the only tamer who cheered when the very first non-Turnip pet with a Weakening Blow-style ability was announced. Because the Corgi is Elemental you'll have to watch out for Aquatic-heavy areas, but then the [pet]Terrible Turnip[/pet] is Elemental too so that's not really new.

[ability]Superbark[/ability] is a bit trickier to use than [ability]Weakening Blow[/ability] because it has a lengthy cooldown. However it also deals more damage, making those wild fights go even faster. You may want to swap your Corgi out for the Turnip if you know you're facing opponents that can heal, like half the Flying pets on Draenor.

If you're looking to finish out your opponent permanently, selecting Flamethrower in the first slot means you'll be able to wrap up after that round. Doing so will nearly always allow your opponent an additional attack (or potentially a heal) because the Corgi is very fast (325 speed at max level). The Corgi's low power makes Superbark's relatively high base attack all the more important, too.

If you have any other suggestions or uses for your Molten Corgi, I am definitely all ears (much like my corgi).

So, how do you use your Molten Corgi?

Written by: [profile]Liopleurodon[/profile]
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Re: Pet of the Month - Molten Corgi

Post by Guest » December 21st, 2014, 12:50 pm

thanks a lot for sharing the more useful post.

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Re: Pet of the Month - Molten Corgi

Post by Melfice » December 29th, 2014, 4:54 pm

I have not really used my Molten Corgi in PvP yet. I will, but I need to find a good comp for the little pup :)

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