What team strategies do you use?

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What team strategies do you use?

Post by Valianya » December 11th, 2014, 9:14 pm

Hi there! I just made an account on this site a few days ago and have been looking over the forums a bit. If there is already a post like this, I haven't seen it, but feel free to direct me to it.

I've noticed a few mentions here and there about specific named strategies using teams, like a 'stall' strategy or a 'Howl Bomb' strategy. But I'm not really familiar with what those terms are referring to. And I was wondering how many specific team strategies are floating around out there that not everyone might know about. I think it would be nice and very useful to have a list of team strategies that can be referenced for people who might not know what is meant when a strategy is mentioned by name here on the forums, and just in general.

So tell me, what team strategies do you know of? Which ones do you like to use? Under what circumstances are they good strategies to use? Any specific NPCs or dailies that they work really well against? What combination of pets and moves do you find works really well for those strategies? Any good substitute pets for the really rare or nearly unobtainable pets (if those are used in the strategy)?

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Re: What team strategies do you use?

Post by Jerebear » December 11th, 2014, 9:41 pm

Just a few off the top of my head:

Howl Bomb:
Combination of Pandaren Water Spirit plus pet with Howl (99% of the time Chrominius). Basic rotation is:
Swap to Chrominius
Surge of Power
This technique bypasses boss buffs that reduce damage by 50% and since it is multiple hits the 35% health cap. Often this is paired with a starter pet such as the unborn valk which can cast Doom and Unholy Ascension.

Spider Bomb:
Consists of any pet that can cast Stampeded/Howl on the last round it is alive (Stitched Pup or any pet faster than the enemy with howl). The trick is the enemy needs 2 rounds of shattered defenses so that when the spider comes it it can cast brittle webbing + spiderling swarm. One popular comp is Fox + spider since the Fox can cast Dazzling dance usually making it faster.

Clone Dance:
Consists of a pet that can cast cyclone (most flyers among others) and a pet that can cast Rain Dance.
Some type of big hit
Swap to Rain Dance pet
Rain Dance
Rain Dance buffs Cyclone so that it has an 85% chance to hit all pets instead of 35...it decimates the back row. Rain dance pets that are commonly used are the Jademist Dancer and Jungle Beak/Fruit Hunter/Axebeak hatchling. This team is often completed with a "sweeper" which is a pet that can quickly take out low health pets. Pets with surge (Snarly) or that are high speed are common for that.
Carry Pet Experience Reference Guide:

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