So which is the top-rated Draenor pets?

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So which is the top-rated Draenor pets?

Post by Luciandk » December 10th, 2014, 4:55 pm

Now that most pets have widely played and experimented with. Which of them do you feel are the absolute cream of the crop in the pet offerings in Draenor?

So far for me out of the large bunch of pets Ive played with, theres 2 I keep comming back to.

[pet]Soul of the Forge[/pet]
A very visually impressive pet, with a quite flexible moveset that allows it to take on damaging or tanking roles. And even as a dps pet, it can soak up incomming damage thanks to its slot 2 move and huge health pool. It certainly brings a new flavor to the Elemental family by being so tough.
I find it a perfect example of an innovative new pet that gives new options and possibilities to a pet family.

[pet]Servant of Demidos[/pet]
A magic pet that finally uses the magic racial to sublime perfection. Having low hp and very high power. As long the pet doesnt face dots, it will be difficult to kill. Its high power goes perfectly with using Siphon Anima to lift your health back up over a bracket to get you another round of life.
Having 2 powerful magic attacks, it will heavilly murder flyers. And beasts suffers as well, due to the mechanical attack. Plus it comes with the gorgeous new voidwalker skin.

So far I havent noticed any other pets on the level of these 2 powerhouses. But Id love to her alternative suggestions and commentaries.

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Re: So which is the top-rated Draenor pets?

Post by Vek » December 10th, 2014, 5:34 pm

Some I feel are quite powerful, but I have a long way yet to test out all new pets.

S/S Sky-Bo. Flamethrower, while somewhat weak(especially when facing critters) for a spammable attack it leaves a unavoidable DoT and absolutely murders other mechanicals. Sticky Grenade, unless hitting low it will make up for the Flamethrower and it is always fun to watch people try and avoid it with dodge/burrow/blind etc and still get hit from this unavoidable attack. Decoy, nuff said. Will be in trouble facing Shells.

S/S Nightshade Sproutling. Kind of like a elemental DAH with added bonus of reducing healing. Lash for solid damage as long as you are faster and not facing Shell/Critters. Call Darkness to hinder healing, totally kill Dragonkin, remove sandstorm, make pets blind while Nightshade itself is elemental and will not be blinded. Blinding Poison, still powerful and very useful in many situations even with the extra round on the cooldown. Can also be used with other breeds with Nature's Ward, so you can heal and move to the back to recuperate and use Fist of the Forest for a really serious hit.

Ghastly Kid. Huge healthpool and undead. Hoof will make it kill other undead quick and is not weak against aquatic. Haunt is still very powerful, just need to be careful when to use it. Consume Magic, well it's the uber-sear magic, removes mines/whirpools/CoD/Haunt/Elementium Bolt/Bleed(and other DoTs) etc and on top of that it heals as well. Seriously?

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Re: So which is the top-rated Draenor pets?

Post by Beastlyserenity » December 10th, 2014, 10:06 pm

I'm really liking
P/P Jungle Beak
For it's ability to heal itself, and boost its crit at the same time. It makes it my new favorite flying to level other pets.
Its also a very easy pet to get as rare.

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