Elfuego's Awfully Big Adventure Plushie Edition Guide

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Elfuego's Awfully Big Adventure Plushie Edition Guide

Post by Elfuego » December 10th, 2014, 10:31 am

Hey guys, This is an ongoing thread with Strategies for each section of the An Awfully Big Adventure achievement. As I get more strategies down I'll post them here. Most of the strategies are of my own design, but I wanted to give a shoutout to [profile]Jerebear[/profile]. He contributeq a lot of posts here on warcraftpets and comes up with some very good strategies!

A few things to keep in mind : RNG RNG RNG! It kills me when we post a working strategy AND the video to prove it and people still post how it doesn't work or they can't pull it off. With this achievement Blizzard is INTENTIONALY hamstringing your team by one pet, but you can use the Plushie to soak damage in some cases. The Plushie DOES NOT have to interact at all, so don't swap if you don't have to. So keep an open mind, and know that the first few times you attempt it may not work, but the strategies posted here will ALL have video links and complete walkthrough guides.

So grab your [pet]Elekk Plushie[/pet] and lets get to work!

http://www.wowpetbattle.com/warlords.html - The latest videos for WOD
http://www.wowpetbattle.com/plushie.html - The Plushie Strategy Guide

****Dark Moon Faire ****
Jeremey Feasel
Team: [pet]Emerald Proto-whelp[/pet] and [pet]Lil' Bling[/pet]

Start the round with Breath spam, the idea here is to use [ability]Ancient Blessing[/ability] when under half life and reinforce it with [ability]Emerald Dream[/ability]. Once [pet]Judgement[/pet] is down and [pet]Honky Tonk[/pet] is under 1/3 life, swap to [pet]Lil' Bling[/pet]. Start with his [ability]Extra Plating[/ability] and then [ability]Smckthat.exe[/ability] spam. When Tonk is down and Fezzik enters, Start with [ability]Make it Rain[/ability]. This will keep constant damage thru the rounds on the monkey. From here just keep smckthat spam up until hes down!

Jeremey Feasel Video : http://youtu.be/Jeyy429dnkk

Christoph Vonfeasel

Team: [pet]Lil' Bling[/pet], [pet]Wild Golden Hatchling[/pet]

Start the round with [ability]Rocket[/ability], then swap to the Hatchling. Use [ability]Lift-off[/ability] to negate the incoming [ability]whirlpool[/ability] damage then [ability]Breath[/ability] once to end the [ability]Bubble[/ability]( make sure you connected with Lift-off). Breath once more then set [ability]Call Lightning[/ability]. Once the Hatchling goes down flip into Bling. Pop [ability]Inflation[/ability] and it should take 2 of the three rounds and kill [pet]Syd the Squid[/pet]. When [pet]Mr. Pointy[/pet] comes in, the last pulse of inflation should put the damage increase debuff onto him before shield. From here, use Rocket and hit him for 1.6k. When Chick Filet's message board mascot comes in, reset the rocket then use [ability]Extra Plating[/ability]. Now re up Inflation, and when it ends, pop Rocket one last time. GG [pet]Otto[/pet]!

Christoph Vonfeasel Video : http://youtu.be/1Y9cXVH86_0

****Warlords of Draenor Grand Masters****

Team: [pet]Lil' Xt[/pet], and [pet]Pocket Reaver[/pet]

Start with [ability]Tympanic Tantrum[/ability]. It automates for three rounds so just let it resolve. Switch to [ability]Zap[/ability], and when his racial activates, make the switch to the [pet]Pocket Reaver[/pet]. Once in play, start with his [ability]Quake[/ability]. Its another three round automation. WHen its over, use [ability]Fel Immolate[/ability], then [ability]Thrash[/ability] to finish the round. With the third dog in play, re up the [ability]Fel Immolate[/ability] or re use quake, decide what's the most damage depending on how much life is left with the last dog. I like Fel Flame because even if they both die, it will tick while plushie lasts the few rounds out!

Gargra Video : http://youtu.be/woWnAl4dlLE

Team: [pet]Sunreaver Microsentry[/pet], [pet]Emerald Protowhelp[/pet]

Start with Sunreaver. Pick anything because your going to be stunned from [ability]Counterspell[/ability], so when its over then use [ability]Extra Plating[/ability]. Then choose [ability]Supercharge[/ability]. When the cocoon comes down, hit [ability]Laser[/ability]. Then its just laser spam till he goes down. If you feel Sunreaver wont make the next round, just use this pet to re up your Extra Plating, then kill him and move into the next pet. Keep super charge and laser up and dps down the second moth. Try to ride out the Sunreaver into the third pet. If you can't, when the Emerald Protowhelp comes in, start with [ability]Emerald Presence[/ability]. The trick here is to use [ability]Proto-Strike[/ability] to negate the [ability]Moth Ball[/ability] damage. So if its cooling down, then get into the air with protostrike to avoid it, if not, hit presence. Its really just [ability]Emerald Bite[/ability] spam until she GETS OWNED!!

Taralune Video: http://youtu.be/x3VuA9FW928

Tarr the Terrible
Team: [pet]Unborn Val'kyr[/pet], [pet]Blighthawk[/pet]

Start with the Val'kyr and use [ability]Haunt[/ability]. The damage is going to tick off when the murloc switches into the rear. On the switch, choose Blighthawk. When he comes into play, you have a few choices. I like to start with[ability] Infected Claw[/ability]. Once I swipe a time or two and he gets in range, switch to [ability]Ghostly Bite[/ability]. If somehow he lasts to start [ability]Deep Breath[/ability], you can use [ability]Lift-off[/ability] to negate the incoming damage on the round it resolves. From there just keep up claw spam. On the third gladiator, he's going to use a variation of leap, so have Lift off ready to meet it. When he comes down just use whatever isn't on cool down. If [pet]Blighthawk[/pet] goes down, swap back to the Val'kyr. She should be good to go with [ability]Shadow Slash[/ability] spam to finish it out.

Tarr the Terrible video: http://youtu.be/N6G-V-RUZEQ

Team: [pet]Emerald Proto-Whelp[/pet], and [pet]Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji[/pet]

Start with the Whelp. Use [ability]Emerald Presence[/ability], then [ability]Proto-strke[/ability]. Once it resolves, spam [ability]Emerald Bite[/ability]. When the mechanical comes in, swap to Chi-Chi. The key here is timing [ability]Ethereal[/ability] to [ability]Feathered Frenzy[/ability]. After he casts it, get [ability]Tranquility[/ability] up. Then its [ability]Fire Quills[/ability] spam until he goes down. Try to be near full health when [pet]Darkwing[/pet] comes in, he hits VERY hard. Once he's in, he will amp his damage with [ability]Anzu's Blessing[/ability]. So attack with quills. His next move is [ability]Shadow Talon[/ability] so use Ethereal to negate it. From here, he may heal so just keep spamming quills. This is a DPS race. Chi-Chi can usually burn him right down.

Vesharr Video : http://youtu.be/fPr3LXQ0Pso

Cymre Brightblade

Team: [pet]Anubisath Idol[/pet], [pet]Pandaren Mechanical Dragonling[/pet]

Start with Anubisath. The key here is timing [ability]Deflection[/ability] with [ability]Rot[/ability]. There both on the same cool down timer and Deflection always goes first. From there, pop [ability]Stoneskin[/ability], then [ability]Crush[/ability] spam. Make sure when Rot comes off cool down, you time Deflection to it. Even if you miss the end of the round and cause [ability]Dark Rebirth[/ability] to resolve, you can just continue to negate the damage. When [pet]Wishbright Lantern[/pet] joins in, swap to the Dragonling. Start with [ability]Decoy[/ability], then spam breath. This is a DPS race to beat [ability]Wish[/ability] from resolving. When he's down, Either ride out the Dragonling or swap to Anubisath. Either way, you want to time Deflection to the second use of [ability]Rocket[/ability]. And keep Stoneskin up. The only time I avoid recasting stoneskin is when he's low and I can get him under [ability]Repair[/ability]'s resolution.

Cymre Brightblade Video: http://youtu.be/Zof7OpVBfcQ


Team: [pet]Emerald Proto-Whelp[/pet]

Start with [ability]Emerald Presence[/ability], from there use [ability]Proto-Strike[/ability]. As he's using [ability]Arcane Blast[/ability], its just [ability]Breath[/ability] spam until he's dead. Once he's down as [pet]Doodle[/pet] comes in, make sure you re up your Emerald Presence. Once she swaps to [pet]Tally[/pet], the essence will negate the stampede damage, so Breath spam for two, then as its about to run out, pop Proto-strike so you negate the [ability]Headbutt[/ability] damage. From here is should be free reign on the plushie to do what ever you want! HELLA easy!

Ashlei Video: http://youtu.be/DM18y78sZgU

****Pandaren Spirits****

Burning Pandaren Fire Spirit

Team: [pet]Anubusath Idol[/pet], [pet]Crow[/pet] - Anubisath solo's the fight

Start with [ability]Crush[/ability], use[ability]Stoneskin[/ability] as he goes into the air, then pop [ability]Deflection[/ability] as he comes down. From there its a simple crush spam until he's dead. When the fire spirit comes into play, use Deflection on either the [ability]Conflagerate[/ability] or the [ability]Immolation[/ability]. I think the Conflagerate hits harder, so its up to you. As a humanoid, Anubisath will generate health from any ticking damage you receive with the Stoneskin up. Either way, theres a two round period where Fire Spirit just stands there waiting for cool downs. So just [ability]Crush[/ability] spam, avoiding one of the abilities. Once Fire spirits down, and the wasp comes into play, you can pet swap safely here. It will set a debuff for a few rounds that wont hurt it much. I prefer to get deflection up for one of them, but if Stoneskin is running low, then re up that instead. it completely negates the damage from swarm over the next few rounds. With Anubusath back in play, just Crush spam until its dead, an easy win!

Burning Pandaren Fire Spirit Video : http://youtu.be/Pp_FU5sySs8

Whispering Pandarian Spirit

Team: [pet]Emerald Proto-Whelp[/pet]

Start with [ability]Emerald Bite[/ability] to get a little damage in. The next move will be [ability]Cocoon Strike[/ability], so use the time to swap a pet if you need to level it or let it ride, your choice. Once the whelp is back in play, use Bite once more, then Ancient Blessing. Once the debuff it applies is up, use Emerald Dream to get to full then take Dusty down.
When the next pet swaps in, use Emerald Bite if your racial is up to do more damage, if not then just Bite spam if your life is above half. This is just a balance of keeping your life up and bite spamming. When the dragon is down and the Air Spirit comes in she will buff herself and start healing, so look to get yourself up to full also with dream. Now its just rinse and repeat between bite and blessing. SOLO OWNED!!

Whispering Pandarian Spirit Video: http://youtu.be/uQMifCNnw90

Pandaren Water Spirit

Team: [pet]Anubusath Idol[/pet], [pet]Crow[/pet]

Start with the Crow's [ability]Darkness[/ability]. This will mitigate a lot of the healing happening in this fight. Follow it up with [ability]Nocturnal Strike[/ability]. From here, spam [ability]Alpha Strike[/ability] until [pet]Marley[/pet] is down. When [pet]Tiptoe[/pet] enters, if its off cool down re use Nocturnal Strike. If not, re up Darkness or whatever isn't on cool down. When the crow goes down, swap to Anubusath. Get his [ability]Stoneskin[/ability] up and hold [ability]Deflection[/ability] until you see 1 round left on [ability]Whirlpool[/ability] and [ability]Geyser[/ability]. This will completely negate all damage from the round. If you need to level a pet, swap them in in the first round the Water Spirit enters, then back out to Anubisath. She starts the round with Whirlpool then Geyser, so you have time to set up. From here just time Deflection to the debuff's popping off. If its off time as the fight goes on, deflect the geyser as it stuns. GG Water Spirit!

Pandaren Water Spirit Video: http://youtu.be/FiNho9bDTSw

Thundering Pandaren Spirit:

Team: [pet]Pandaren Mechanical Dragonling[/pet], [pet]Emerald Proto-whelp[/pet], Elekk Plushie

Start with the mechanical dragons [ability]Decoy[/ability], swap to the protowhelp. Start with breath x2, then [ability]Ancient Blessing[/ability], then [ability]Emerald Dream[/ability]. As your going to spend a lot of time stunned and frozen, might as well heal thru it. Keep [ability]Breath[/ability]spamming, and always be in [ability]Emerald Presence[/ability] when theres 1 round left on his [ability]Crystal Prison[/ability] and [ability]Rupture[/ability]. You can ride the round out to give max health to the whelp, it will help in the end. Once the Earth Spirit goes down, swap out to the Plushie, she can soak the first [ability]Expunge[/ability], then swap out into the pandaren dragonling. hold the decoy for the rat, just breath spam here until Sludgy is down. When the rat comes in use Breath x2, then on the burrow, pop Decoy. From there breath spam as much as you can until the dragonling goes down or you win. If the dragonling dies, grab the whelp and decide weather to heal or attack, either way its GG! Plushie Pandaren Spirits section - ACHIEVED!

Thundering Pandaren Spirit Video Guide: http://youtu.be/HyEbH-JoKtw

************ Celestial Tournament **************


Team: [pet]Pterrodax Hatchling[/pet], [pet]Pandaren Mechanical Dragonling[/pet], and The Elekk Plushie

Start the round with Pterrodax and [ability]Lift-off[/ability]. Once resolved, spam [ability]Slicing Wind[/ability] until carpe is down. Use [ability]Ancient Blessing[/ability] to regain health before the switch into the Dragonling. When you bring him in, pop [ability]Decoy[/ability], then its breath spam untill [pet]Spirrus[/pet] uses [ability]Soul Ward[/ability], Use[ability] Thunderbolt[/ability]to set some damage on the rear pets when you can to remove the ward. Then just rinse and repeat until [pet]River[/pet] enters. When he does, he's gonna start with some maintenance by using whirlpool then diving, so your decoy should be up. If you had to swap to the Pterrodax, then use lift off to negate the resolution of whirlpool and the dive. from there keep ancient Blessing on cool down and span slicing winds. An easy win!

Wisemari Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un_Mi8XWCw0


Team: [pet]Jademist Dancer[/pet], [pet]Teroclaw Hatchling[/pet]

Start with [ability]Acid Rain[/ability] from the dancer. Use [ability]Rain Dance[/ability] for 2 rounds of + critical strike and a heal. Now spam [ability]Steam Vent[/ability] until [pet]Au[/pet] is down. When [pet]Banks[/pet] comes in, try to get another use of Rain Dance, it persists thru death into the next pet so sometimes you can get strong hits with the pet switched in. Once the dancer is down, swap to Teroclaw. Get [ability]Natures Ward[/ability] up, and dodge if you like but I just spammed [ability]Claw[/ability] to keep the DPS up on banks. When Banks goes down and Lil' B comes in, reup your Natures ward, and spam Claw. Im not sure, but I believe everytime I used dodge on Gift Package he healed because it didn't connect. So the call is yours. Either way, spam claw to glad!

Blingtron Video guide: http://youtu.be/m7FKLZwXJrc

Shademaster Kiryn

Team: [pet]Harbinger of Flame[/pet], [pet]Son of Animus[/pet], your plushie =)

Start with harbinger use [ability]Immolate[/ability], then [ability]Conflagrate[/ability]. Once its ticking, spam [ability]Burn[/ability] till he goes down. Save the next conflag for [ability]Stormoen[/ability]. When he enters, use immolate then conflagrate again. this will kill him, when his racial pops and he returns, swap into the plushie to soak any other damage for that round. when stormoen is finaly killed, swap out of the plushie into anumus. Get [ability]Extra Plating[/ability] up ASAP, then [ability]Siphon Anima[/ability] to recover some life. Then just spam [ability]Metal Fist[/ability] to glad =).

Shademaster Kiryn Video Guide: http://youtu.be/q5CxtUPWTKk

Loremaster Cho

Team: [pet]Spawn of Onyxia[/pet], [pet]Flayer Youngling [/pet]S/S

Start with Spawn and use [ability]Lift-Off[/ability]. When it resolves, use [ability]Tail Sweep[/ability]. Before you kill [pet]Wisdom[/pet], be sure to get [ability]Healing Flame[/ability] off to be as high in life as you can for the Broom. When it comes into play, use Lift-off again. After it resolves, get healing flame up again and then spam tail sweep untill either pet goes down. IF you have to swap in the flayer, do so, but leave deflection available. You wont use kick untill the dragon comes in play anyway. Once the broom is down and [pet]Knowledge[/pet] rotates in, he will strat with [ability]Amplify Magic[/ability], so attack with [ability]Blitz[/ability]. For his next attack use either deflection or kick, which ever isn't on CD. afterwards, use which ever you didn't. The idea is to bounce between [ability]Kick[/ability] and [ability]Deflection[/ability] to negate the two rounds of amplify magic he applies. Spam [ability]Blitz[/ability] for the win!

Lorewalker cho Video guide: http://youtu.be/ISn8aqr3mDA

Dr. Ion Goldbloom

Team: [pet]Nordrasil Wisp[/pet] and [pet]Iron Starlette[/pet]

Start with [ability]Soul Ward[/ability], this will negate the resolution of screamers [ability]Lift-off[/ability]. Use [ability]Flash[/ability] followed by [ability]Light[/ability]. This sets a 2 round -50 hit chance for two rounds against you and does hella damage! When he drops below 50%, he will use [ability]Feign Death[/ability]. So knowing he's going to use it, swap to the starlette. Once [pet]Trike[/pet] comes in, start with [ability]Wind-Up[/ability]. Afterwards, try to use [ability]Supercharge[/ability]. If you use it great, If you get stunned, no big deal. Just use it again. One way or another your getting it off. After its up use windup again and drop 2.4k on Trikes face. When [pet]Screamer[/pet] swaps back in use [ability]Toxic Smoke[/ability], then wnd up twice. With both pets down in comes [pet]Chaos[/pet]. He will usually kill the starlette so when he does just swap into the Wisp. Start with ward, then flash then light. Keep cycling them in that order, and pass when you can do nothing. This method will completely negate the damage from [ability]Instability[/ability] giving it a ZERO % chance to connect =).

Dr. Ion Goldbloom Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=kbX5DhREe1M

Sully the Pickle Mcleary

Team: [pet]Mud Jumper [/pet]or [pet]Swamp Croaker[/pet] and [pet]Teroclaw Hatchling[/pet] and plushie

Start with the frogs [ability]Bubble[/ability], then [ability]Tongue Lash[/ability]. Nest is [ability]Swarm of Flies[/ability]. From here spam lash until [pet]Socks[/pet] triggers his racial. When he does, swap in the Plushie to soak whatever damage he dishes. When [pet]Monte[/pet] swaps in, swap to Teroclaw. Use [ability]Dodge[/ability] first, when[ability] Burrow[/ability] resolves, use [ability]Alpha Strike[/ability] twice, use [ability]Ravage[/ability] next as that should kill the rabbit and heal your hatchling on the kill. When monte is dead, swap back to the frog. Get bubble up and flies ticking. when the frog goes down, swap to Teroclaw. Start with dodge, you want to keep the racial advantage of going first. from there just alpha strike spam keeping dodge on CD. Should be an easy win by that point!

Sully the Pickle Mcleary Video Guide: http://youtu.be/g2NpHTuAHc8

Taran Zhu

Team: [pet]Crystal Spider[/pet] B/B and [pet]Crow[/pet] S/S

Start with the spider and use [ability]Crystal Prison[/ability]. This ability will allow us to control the tempo and pet order we want to battle. When [pet]Li[/pet] swaps in, use [ability]Brittle Webbing[/ability] and then [ability]Leech Life[/ability]. This will feel a bit slow, but we will recoup a lot of health thru the rounds, and in the end kill him. So just bounce between those two abilities, keeping prison ready when he goes down to force Yen back out and Bolo in. When Yen enters, you should have your immunity to stuns up still, so its a wasted round for him. Get a little bit of damage on him with webbing then life with leech. Afterwards, use the prison to force Bolo in. After the prison resolves, use the time to swap in the crow. Start with [ability]Darkness[/ability], then pop [ability]Nocturnal Strike[/ability]. then spam [ability]Alpha Strike[/ability] until he Blinds, Swap to the plushie to soak, then back into the crow. Once the crow is back in, it should be around long enough to use another darkness and nocturnal strike. If not, the Spider with webbing up and leech should do just fine. Either way when hes down and Yen comes in, he will try to evade with Feign Death when he drops below half life. So wait till after that for prison. From here, its just bouncing between web and leech for the win!

Taran Zhu Video Guide: http://youtu.be/gFEms2ZCWYo


Team: [pet]Elfin Rabbit[/pet] B/B and [pet]Flayer Youngling[/pet] S/S

Start with the rabbit and use [ability]Burrow[/ability]. Once it resolves pop [ability]Dodge[/ability]. This will evade inc damage for the next round. Watch the round counter on [ability]Ice Tomb[/ability]. Once it has 1 left, that's when you use dodge. So pretty much your just gonna spam [ability]Flurry[/ability] keeping dodge ready for Ice tomb and burrow on CD. When the rabbit is dead swap to the Flayer. Depending on how close to death the first dragon is, save kick for the next. When you first enter the round with [pet]Alex[/pet], use [ability]Kick[/ability], then deflection on an ability that isn't [ability]Ancient Blessing[/ability]. Spam [ability]Blitz[/ability] until hes down. When [pet]Dahda[/pet] enters, use Kick. Get some blitz damage in until he casts Elementium Bolt. Save Deflection for bolt. When the bolt has 1 round left on it, use Deflection. Once it resolves, just keep him stun locked and Blitz spam. An easy win!

Wrathion Video Strategy: http://youtu.be/xpA5zwBDKp0

Chen Stormstout

Team: [pet]Skybo[/pet] and [pet]Teroclaw[/pet]

Start with Skybo and use [ability]Sticky Grenade[/ability]. Afterwards, pop [ability]Flamethrower[/ability] then[ability] Launch[/ability]. This will negate inc damage from [ability]Chew[/ability] and [ability]Bite[/ability]. Once Launch resolves, so will grenade. If it hasn't killed him, pop flamethrower once more! When [pet]Tonsa[/pet] is down and [pet]Chirps[/pet] enters she will cast [ability]Lullaby[/ability]. There's nothing we can do so swap into Teroclaw once she sets you to sleep. With teroclaw in place, pop dodge, then spam [ability]Alpha Strike[/ability] twice. This should get her into [ability]Ravage[/ability] kill range to heal you back to full. With two down and only [pet]Brewly[/pet] left, an easy win awaits! Dodge should be up by now. Use it to avoid the 4 round -25 hit debuff from [ability]Inebriate[/ability]. With your health over half and racial up, spam Alpha Strike, when you drop below, use ravage. If she dies, swap back to Skybo and finish it with flamethrower spam or Launch. GG!

Chen Stormstout Video guide: http://youtu.be/RMKEDqwFAtM
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Re: Elfuego's Awfully Big Adventure Plushie Edition Guide

Post by Elfuego » January 7th, 2015, 8:07 pm

Update, Completed Dark Moon faire, All Pandaren Spirits, and 6/9 Weekly Celestial Tournament Oponents.

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Re: Elfuego's Awfully Big Adventure Plushie Edition Guide

Post by Melfice » January 8th, 2015, 6:12 pm

Very nice work man!

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Re: Elfuego's Awfully Big Adventure Plushie Edition Guide

Post by Maizing » January 9th, 2015, 12:13 am

I have found this guide very useful. Your videos are some of the best I have found to show how the strategies work.

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Re: Elfuego's Awfully Big Adventure Plushie Edition Guide

Post by Jerebear » January 9th, 2015, 6:47 pm

I always enjoy Elfuego's guides, as does my wife. I'm already prepping her to use it for when she goes to do the achieve.
Carry Pet Experience Reference Guide:

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Re: Elfuego's Awfully Big Adventure Plushie Edition Guide

Post by Matuzak » January 9th, 2015, 11:21 pm

Thanks for the guides! While I haven't used all of your strats, when I do try one it is always pretty solid.

I should have my Trunks when the Celestial Tournament resets on tuesday! Woot

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Re: Elfuego's Awfully Big Adventure Plushie Edition Guide

Post by Crantza » January 10th, 2015, 10:15 am

Hey! First of all thank you! I ve used some of the strategies u posted and they worked out great :D Wanted to add one of the trainers from Tournament I didnt find here. For Tharan Zhu I used 2 moths with Cocoon Strike, Alpha Strike and Moth Dust. U can just spam whats off cd :D

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Re: Elfuego's Awfully Big Adventure Plushie Edition Guide

Post by Savenra » January 18th, 2015, 4:38 am

i just wiped out Wrathion with Lil Ragnaros and a Scourged whelpling. Looking forward to using your strats for my last three fights :)

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Re: Elfuego's Awfully Big Adventure Plushie Edition Guide

Post by Elfuego » January 18th, 2015, 8:37 pm

Just finished this weeks rounds of Taran Zhu, Wrathion, and chen. I'll be editing the guide for the vids and strats in a bit. For taran I used a Crsytal Spider B/B to force the swaps and an S/S Crow. For Wrathion I used the same strat as the first tourney I did, ELfin Rabbit B/B and a Flayer Youngling S/S. For Chen I wrapped it up with Skybo and Teroclaw.

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