Best way to lvl pets

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Best way to lvl pets

Post by Tinkerill » December 7th, 2014, 12:08 pm

What are some of your best ways to lvl pets? I have come across the problem that certain tamer battles require certain battle pets to win. I am wondering what are some of the best and fastest ways to lvl pets. Can you do it all in draenor or should I start collecting certain ones and lvling them? Heck I havent even got most of the pandaren ones. I stepped away for 2+ years and just came back about a month ago. Any help would be most appreciative.

Thank you.

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Re: Best way to lvl pets

Post by Jesjbrown » December 7th, 2014, 12:30 pm

The best thing I've found for leveling pets in Draenor is the daily tamer Ashlei (sp?). Her second pet is an Elekk Plushie named Doodle which does no damage. You can swap in a level 1 pet at that time and it will get enough xp to get to 9 or 10. After that, you previously level 1 pet should be able to survive any round one hit in wild pet battles.

Also, if you have enough pets to defeat the garrison pet battles, the pet charms are really useful for getting leveling stones and taking care of the last one or two levels for free.

I've found looking at guides for the garrison dailies and choosing pets to level for those is much less overwhelming than trying to level tons of pets at once for the Celestial Tournament. And the rewards come much faster as you make progress.

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Re: Best way to lvl pets

Post by Rakrath » December 8th, 2014, 9:01 am


depends on whats your strategy longterm.

Bur for the longterm: level all pets to 25 and make them rare i would go this route:

- get pet battle related addons
- check the 5.4 Tamer guide
- focus on the pets mentioned there, get, and level them to 25
- do every day the 11 Tamer in mop (carry pet)
- do every day the wod tamer (carry pet)
- to get the lvl1 pets initial exp: in the wild go mop ( there are lot of wilds with only one type eg water or critters and can be beaten by a single pet of your own. So its guaranted that a lvl1 will get exp. start fight with two lvl1 pets and one lvl25. eg a Moth against wild water pets. a fight looks like this: if the first lvl1 pet survive the first enemy hit, switch to your lvl25 pet. Otherwise if your first dies, switch to your second lvl1 pet and then immediatly switch to lvl25 pet)

some additional:
- get your safari hat
- when using buffs(+25/50% exp) hold on them for a while after you are confortable with your pet battle/leveling routine and know when to use ot for best efficency
- the same goes for the rare stones, hold on them until you are sure(upgrade priority)
- instead of buying stones in the ah, check if there is an already rare pet in ah, mostly same price or cheaper
- if you habe chars on several servers, check each ah prices, may vary
- be aware that you can buy soulbound stones from another players this way: you give them the pet you want to upgrade, they will upgrade pet and give it back
- pet battles gives character exp, take into consideration when leveling your pets
- there are some rare wild pets, use the new browser for your advance("server hoppimg")
- be patient
- i leveled pets from 1-14 only through wild battles


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Re: Best way to lvl pets

Post by Elfuego » December 9th, 2014, 2:19 pm

There's an entire leveling series here: , including a 2 video power leveling series for rapid leveling of pets.

MOP Power Leveling
WOD Power Leveling

You can also find 2 pet strategies for power leveling your pets in your menagerie dailies.


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