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Magic Lamp

Post by Melfice » December 4th, 2014, 3:35 pm

This pet seems very good for PvP, and I was just thinking maybe it can work on a Moonlight team. With Sear Magic, the Magic Lamp can be a nice counter to the Unborn Val'kyr, and Wish can really help keep the pet or team stay alive longer.

Also, the skills for this pet are all magic based, which will get a boost from Moonlight. As anyone here tried the Magic Lamp in a Moonlight team? I'm going to level mine up, and give it a try soon.

I'm not sure what comp would work best, but I'm thinking the following would be awesome:

1. Magic Lamp: Arcane Blast - Sear Magic - Wish
2. Xu, Fu: Spirit Claw - Moonfire - Prowl
3. Celestial Dragon: Flamethrower - Ancient Blessing - Moonfire/Starfall

What I like about having the Magic Lamp with this comp is...Xu, Fu can use Moonfire instead of Feed. I can bring in Xu, Fu to start his damage, and once he gets low on HP, switch to the Magic Lamp, then use Wish to swap back to Xu, Fu. This will help me protect the Moonlight weather having two pets that can cast it.

Also, I can use a more damage focus comp...with Nether Faerie Dragon P/P instead of the Celestial Dragon. NFD does have Life Exchange and that can be helpful too. I'm going to level up my Magic Lamp tonight, and use it to see if my idea of using it on a Moonlight teams works or not.

I'll post my findings after I play about 10 to 15 games so I get a good feeling on the comp with the Magic Lamp.

P.S. Cursed Birman can be a good addition too. He has Spirit Claw, and Spirit Spikes and can do well on a Moonlight team. Only issue with Spirit Spikes in PvP, is that a player will PASS the round if Cursed Birman is slower than their pet (to avoid getting hit by Spirit Spikes). Which might not be a bad thing really. If they skip a turn...that's a good thing for your team!

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