Beating Stitches with your perky pug.

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Beating Stitches with your perky pug.

Post by Beast_mast0r » December 4th, 2014, 6:40 am

I had some issues finding a a strong [critter dmg type] hitter for this fight.

Tested Mr. Wiggles and he took it down to near 20%. The Hoof ability is spammable and goes above the dmg treshold required to hit, besides the + 50% crit buff making it even better.

So I decided to look for another pet with hoof that could go above 500 and only found a power critter we all have: The Perky Pug which is surprisingly strong for a critter (322 dmg). I had it green so turned it rare an with a couple leveling stones back to 25.

At first, tried the the comeback ability but it was only when it critted that the first part did dmg, the second was ignored (I though it was like the dragonkin's tail sweep, but it's 2 attacks). But I noticed the in the third spot there was trample!! which takes 10% of targets HP (609 in this case).

Finally completed team with a bucktooth flapper(due to the chew ability) and beat it like this:


1. Perky Pug: Bite, Perk Up, Trample
2. Mr. Wiggles : Hoof, Buried Treasure, Uncanny Luck
3. Bucktooth Flapper: Tail Slap, Survival, Chew.

Preparation: Trample till you lose around 30% hp-> Perk Up, Spam trample till dead or heal if you can (ignore the enrage debuff, IT''S A TARP!) . Open with buried treasure to recover from the cleaves, uncanny luck (if enrage just hoof and then uncanny luck)-> spam hoof, heal, if you can leave the buff for next one. If the guy isn't dead by now, use your flapper (which will have low hp), Chew -> Survival or and win.

It's going to be a close win if but at least you use standard pets, and with 1-3 tries you get your plate of charms served ;D.


An improved combo close to 100% win is swapping the flapper for a singing sunflower: Sunlight ,photosynthesis -> Change to Pug, heal, spam trample, dead-> Wiggles-> heal (if you are lucky you could get a huge heal with sunny day+ perk up + your buried treasure).-> Uncanny luck-> Hoof him down to death or just finish him up with the sunflower's Solar beam (works without Sunlight).


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